The national Council asks asks law enforcement to investigate the correspondence of the Ukrainian TV channels «DND» and reminiscent of «inter» about the licensing requirements

The national Council on television and radio broadcasting expects the GPU, the interior Ministry and the SBU investigation into published online possible correspondence between employees of the Ukrainian TV channels with representatives of Pro-Russian terrorist organization «DNR» and requests the authorities to confirm or deny this information.

As noted on the official website of the national Council, «a state in which there is a war, should respond to these facts in the national media».

«Of course, to respond adequately, you need to understand whether the published material is reliable, or is it a fake information filed with a purpose. To determine this can only competent authorities — the Prosecutor General’s office, Ministry of internal Affairs, security Service of Ukraine, because only they can carry out investigations and to expose the accused. We expect these bodies for appropriate investigation and ask them to confirm or deny the information, which once again angered the Ukrainian society and the media community», — stated in the message.

«Only after the completion of the investigation and in case of confirmation of the published information, the national Council may take a decision», — noted in the national Council.

At the same time, the national Council recalls that by entering into the settlement agreement, the TV channel «inter» has a commitment «to strictly adhere to license conditions, applicable legislation of Ukraine, to implement effective measures to control the editorial policy, content broadcast on the subject of the impossibility of the appearance of materials inciting hatred, degrading honor and dignity of the Ukrainian people, calling for aggressive actions against Ukrainian citizens «.

The regulator also reminded the leaders of «inter», there is a direct norm of the law on responsibility for programmes, and the national Council issued a broadcasting license the company «TV Channel «inter», and with «Independent information systems»(NIS), which prepares the news for this channel, the controller has no contacts».

As reported, the Ukrainian hackers hacked the email of the employee so-called Ministry of state security «DNR» Tatiana Egorova, and found her conversation with the Russian journalist Leonid Muravyov, as well as employees of private Ukrainian channels «inter» and «Donbass».

Of shared network in the letters that the employees of TV channels «inter» and «Donbass» claimed your documents with the representatives of the «DNR» and those, in turn, coordinated their activities with Moscow.

The main owner of the most Pro-Russian Ukrainian TV channel «inter» is Dmitry Firtash, the owners of the substantial share — now living in London, the former head of the Ukrainian customs and SBU Valery Khoroshkovsky, as well as the former head of the presidential administration, the people’s Deputy from the Opposition bloc Sergiy Lyovochkin and Svetlana Pluzhnikova , the wife of the deceased under mysterious circumstances Chernivtsi entrepreneur Pluzhnikova who stood at the origins of the company.

Firtash’s current wife and their children are citizens of the Russian Federation.

The TV channel «Donbass» is part of the holding «Media Group Ukraine», which unites the media resources of the company «System capital Management (SCM) Rinat Akhmetov.

The national Council asks asks law enforcement to investigate the correspondence of the Ukrainian TV channels «DND» and reminiscent of «inter» about the licensing requirements 18.08.2016

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