The national Bank of Ukraine stated that it did not consider bitcoin a currency

Bitcoin cannot be considered a currency, but its mining is not a violation of the law. It was declared to journalists in Kiev, the acting head of the National Bank of Ukraine Yakov Smoliy, UNIAN reports.

«We have terms such as currency, currency values, monetary substitute, the electronic money do not find in this list the categories that can be compared to bitcoin. And we believe that it is not a currency», – said resin, referring to the results of the meeting of the financial stability Board of the NBU, which was held on August 31.

According to him, bitcoin has no centralized Issuer, but it is traded as a commodity.

Smoliy said that the regulator, jointly with other state bodies will try to find a definition of bitcoins as soon as possible.

According to the NBU, the production of cryptocurrencies (mining) is not contrary to the law.

June 20, the Verkhovna Rada refused to allow nonbank financial institutions issue electronic money, as well as to approve the use in Ukraine of cryptocurrency.

On 11 August the national Bank of Ukraine has proposed to develop a common position regarding the legal status of bitcoin in Ukraine.

This summer, the police and the security service discovered in Kiev «underground factory» bitcoin mining. Svyatoshinsky district court allowed the national police to seize computer equipment and all the documentation for investigation.

Bitcoin is an electronic cryptocurrency used to exchange for goods or services from sellers who agree to accept it. It was established in 2008 by an anonymous mathematician or group of mathematicians.

Mining is the process of creating new bitcoins. As explained by «Medusa», «the usual cash creating, minting coins and printing bills, and the new bitcoins appear when someone manages to calculate a special mathematical function (a hash sum is a unique checksum) that corresponds to predetermined parameters.»

The national Bank of Ukraine stated that it did not consider bitcoin a currency 01.09.2017

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