The NAB is preparing a second suspect in the case of «black accounting», ETC.

National anti-corruption Bureau is preparing a second suspect in the case of «black accounting» of the Party of regions. This was announced by Director of the NABU Sytnyk at a press conference February 10 in the last six months, writes «Ukrainian truth».

Earlier we said that in this case there will be three suspected high – ranking officials- one of them Michael Ohendovsky, and two «somehow lost.»

«They are not lost. Just here a second suspected now detectives are going to transmit to the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s office, as far as I was told. The name I do not name, but the suspicion is prepared, it is passed», – he said.

Regarding the American adviser of Viktor Yanukovych Paul Manafort, Sytnik said previously just stated: his name was in the «barn book» the Party of regions. And receive money from the ex – was not specified.

The head of NABOO also gave to understand that the head of the CEC Mikhail Okhendovsky, who also appeared in the case of abuse of PR, should be held accountable: «as for the stations – there he is going to sue, it is his right… Nazar Golodnitsky, the senior Prosecutor on the case, made clear that the investigation concerning the head of the CEC should be completed as soon as possible».

«We will try as soon as possible – within the law – to take this case to court», – said Sytnik.

«I really wanted to make a final decision in several cases, including this report – unfortunately, we primarily focused on the law and a full collection of evidence, so we don’t have time to report. But it is at the final stage», – he said.

According to Sytnik, the main question in the case of «black accounting» – interaction with podrazdeleniem Sergey Gorbatyuk, because the «overlap case» and the need to ensure coordination between investigative groups.

As reported, on 13 December 2016 Stations at the airport «Borispol» employees of NABOO presented the message on suspicion in criminal proceedings about the so-called «black accounting» of the Party of regions. He is suspected of committing criminal offences under part 3 and part 4 of Art. 368 of the Criminal code of Ukraine (bribery in large and extra large sizes a person holding a very responsible position).
The total amount of bribes alleged by detectives to the suspect, is about 161,7 thousand dollars, that equivalent at the exchange rate of the National Bank of Ukraine at the time of Commission of crime was almost 1.29 million.

19 December, the CEC at its meeting adopted an appeal in which he indicated that the National anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) raided on the night of 14 December in other areas than the office of the Chairman of the CEC stations, with violations of the law.

21 Dec Solomensky district court of Kiev chose Stations measure in the form of personal commitments until February 13, 2017: the head of the CEC may leave the territory of Ukraine only with the permission of the investigator. On the same day, the court refused to remove the stations from the post of Chairman of the Central election Commission.

The NAB is preparing a second suspect in the case of «black accounting», ETC. 10.02.2017

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