The MPs want to oblige labour migrants to pay taxes to the state budget

Verkhovna Rada to oblige labour migrants to pay taxes to the state budget of Ukraine in accordance with the tax legislation.

The relevant draft law No. 2330 on first reading was supported by 243 MPs, RBC-Ukraine online reports.

«The main purpose of the bill is the establishment of legal rules and organizational framework on the movement, employment and social protection of citizens of Ukraine working abroad, and members of their families. The bill proposes to consolidate at the legislative level the rights of migrant workers and members of their families», — stated in the explanatory Memorandum.

According to the draft law, migrant workers pay taxes and fees in accordance with the tax legislation of Ukraine.

Also, according to the law, employment labor migrant in the host country on the basis of the employment contract, which regulates the employment relations between the labour migrant and the foreign employer, unless otherwise provided by law. Labor migrant before departure the host state shall be issued a contract of employment the party that promotes the employment of migrant workers.

«The employment contract is concluded in the state language in Ukraine and in one or more languages used in the host state, and contains obligations assumed by the foreign employer, in particular regarding: working conditions (including relatively safe and harmless working conditions), the payment (including the amount of guaranteed salary); salary deductions, working hours and rest time, duration of the employment contract and conditions of termination, the provision of social and medical assistance, the implementation of social insurance; compensation for damage caused to health in the event of an industrial accident or temporary disability; repatriation of labour migrants», — stated in the bill.

Recall, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine today, October 8, considered a number of bills, acceptance of which is necessary for liberalization of visa regime between Ukraine and the European Union.

The MPs want to oblige labour migrants to pay taxes to the state budget 08.10.2015

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