The most famous collector of Chernihiv kidnapped unique Antiques

In the robbery of the famous Chernihiv collector of antiquity Constantine Agapovskogo Chernihiv has lost a rare, sometimes unique in the world collection of postcards, photographs, old books. This was reported by the collector, transfers «UKRINFORM».

«We are all poorer, not only am I poorer. Because my postcards, books, photographs exhibited in many exhibitions, was a major material for scientists. My Gogol’s collection and the collection of postcards of Chernigov, I think, is the largest in the world. I have been collecting this stuff for 45 years, have put a lot of money. Now I have to call the ex — collector» — sadly noted Jagodowski.

He noted that an irreplaceable loss is the disappearance of objects that exist in a single copy and that even if funds are available, like, impossible to buy. This, in particular, books from the personal library of Mikhail Hrushevsky and the count Miloradovich, some volumes of the description of the Chernigov diocese, made by the Archbishop Filaret (Gumilevsky), a collection of postcards with images of the old Chernihiv, cities and towns of the region within the boundaries of the former province of Chernigov.

In the hands of thieves were also paintings and pictures of Ivan Rashevsky, photo Chernihiv governors with autographs, postcards, maps of Ukraine, collection of stamps dedicated to the Chernihiv region, porcelain. Lost, and most of unique collection of articles dedicated to Nikolai Gogol. Among them — postcards, books, paintings, Souvenirs — everything that tells about the places where Gogol was born and created, the theatrical productions of his works, and the like. This collection was formed for the 200th anniversary of the outstanding writer.

To evaluate stolen, how to describe, says collector — impossible. After all, disappeared nearly two thousand postcards, and before a hundred books.

According to Agapovskogo, the robbery occurred in the night when he and his wife went to Kiev for a monthly gathering of collectors. This, in his opinion, evidence of involvement in the crime of a person from among friends who are familiar with the schedule of family life. He, it seems, and brought from the apartment into the yard and tied there dog Agapovskogo — Rottweiler that strangers usually barks. Robbery, said the collector had obviously been planned and the attackers knew exactly what to take. Because of the icon, interestingly, they did not take.

Upon theft the police opened criminal proceedings. However, the victim believes that the case is moving too slowly.

«After the reform of the police was not there to experienced investigators who have had contacts with the population, possessed the knowledge necessary for tracing the criminals. Now there are only young, and they overwhelmed a few dozen cases. They simply lack the time to give me enough attention» — assesses the situation Jagodowski and hoping for the response and help of the public.

The most famous collector of Chernihiv kidnapped unique Antiques 11.11.2016

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