The missionaries of the OSCE told about the queue for PPC along the line of contact in one direction

Special OSCE monitoring mission in Ukraine (SMM) reported that out of the respective withdrawal lines and the location of permanent storage observers recorded at least 15 fixed tanks (T-72, T-64) on the ground close to a controlled group of militants «LNR» of a Peaceful village less than 30 km from Lugansk.

This is stated in the report on the activities of the mission, released 23 June on the website of the OSCE SMM.

In addition, it is noted that based on the available CMM data of aerial observations on 21 June it was discovered the accumulation of military equipment, among which was probably 15 tanks and 23 units of towed artillery in the controlled «Nrownum PGT Melancolico (36 km from Lugansk)

Also, there were five tanks (T-64) near government-controlled Severodonetsk (74 km from Lugansk). The report States that near Severodonetsk observers saw four jet systems of volley fire (was rated as the BM-21 «Grad» of 122 mm), «which is a violation of the respective withdrawal lines».

OSCE SMM noted a long queue at the checkpoints of entry and exit along the line of contact.

«In the morning at a government checkpoint near the village of Marinka (23 km South-West of Donetsk) the observers saw all of 420 vehicles and 250 pedestrians heading to government-controlled areas. In the opposite direction the queue was not», — stated in the message.

At the checkpoint the group of militants «DNR» near the village Elenovka (23 km from Donetsk), the SMM saw a queue of 270 civilian vehicles and 12 buses, traveling in government-controlled areas. At the checkpoint, «Dnrovtsev» near Gorlovka missionaries recorded all of 425 civilian vehicles and 450 people who went to government-controlled areas, and in the opposite direction on the possibility of travel expected 56 civilian vehicles. At the checkpoint, located on the South-Eastern edge of the militant-controlled Verkhnetulomskoe S. (formerly S. October 29 km from Mariupol), the SMM saw a queue of 250 civilian vehicles, which were sent to government-controlled areas. Some people (men and women of different age groups) said that they had to wait for passage through the checkpoint for more than 5 hours.

Members of the terrorist organization «LNR» continued to hold a firing position North of the Seversky Donets river near the bridge in the Village of Lugansk. Observers also saw that the newly built third the strengthening of the Armed forces of Ukraine was strengthened with sandbags.

«In the morning at the checkpoint «LC» to the South of the bridge, the SMM saw a queue of 250 pedestrians (men and women of different ages), awaiting the transition bridge in the direction of the government-controlled areas, and also noted the lack of queues in the opposite direction. Observers have also seen that near the checkpoint was installed the canopy, where civilians could hide in the shadows, as well as vehicle and health worker with equipment for first aid. At the government checkpoint to the North of the bridge, the SMM observed about 500 people standing in line in the direction of the government-controlled areas and the expected transition of the bridge, and also noted the lack of queues in opposite direction», — stated in the message.

The SMM continued to observe the presence of unexploded ordnance. To the North of government-controlled S. Berdyansk (102 km South of Donetsk) the SMM for the first time saw the tail stabilizer from a mortar shell of 82 mm caliber that was sticking out of the asphalt in the road.

The article also States that the SMM continued to contribute to the observance of the ceasefire and monitoring to ensure the renovation works on the objects of life support and mine clearance.

Special monitoring mission of OSCE in Ukraine as of June 22, consisted of 707 (593 men and 114 women), more than 590 of them on the East of the country. The OSCE special monitoring mission composed of observers from more than 45 countries: Austria, 15 in Moldova – 22, Azerbaijan – 1, Netherlands – 9, Albania – 1, Norway – 13, Armenia – 2, Poland – 30, Belarus – 8, Portugal 5, Belgium – 5, Russian Federation – 40, Bulgaria – 26, Romania – 41, Bosnia and Herzegovina 30 Serbia – 9, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia – 19, Slovakia – 8, Hungary – 26, Slovenia – 1, Germany – 32, The United Kingdom Is 44, Greece – 18, United States Of America – 62, Georgia – 7, Tajikistan – 3, Denmark – 13, Turkey – 12, Ireland – 12, Finland – 23, Spain 13, France 16, Italy – 24, Croatia – 11, Kazakhstan – 4, Czech Republic – 16, Canada – 17, Montenegro – 2, Kyrgyzstan – 14, Switzerland – 13, Latvia – 6, Sweden – 24, Lithuania 2, Estonia 7, Luxembourg – 1.

The missionaries of the OSCE told about the queue for PPC along the line of contact in one direction 24.06.2016

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