The Ministry of justice: the occupation of Crimea was prepared in the Kremlin before the start of the revolution of Dignity, the evidence given to the European court

The Ministry of justice of Ukraine in close cooperation with other bodies collected and transferred to the European court of human rights huge amount of evidence of preparation on the part of the Russian Federation of the operation for the occupation of Ukrainian territories. On 9 February 2017 during a press-conference devoted to results of activity of Ministry of justice in the international courts, said justice Minister Pavel Petrenko.

«The so-called version of the Russian Federation that they emotionally responded to the Revolution of Dignity and therefore helped their «brothers» in the Crimea «referendum» is a complete nonsense. Russia was preparing the seizure of Ukraine and the active phase of this process began in 2013″, — quotes the Minister the official website of the Department.

According to him, in previous years, collected a lot of evidence for the occupation of the Crimea, which have already been submitted to the ECHR in the cases against Russia. «We have documented evidence that an unauthorized Russian Federation increased its military contingent. In addition, they were active in subversive and intelligence activities in local authorities of Crimea, what has been documented. We exactly know the names of the officials of the Russian Federation, which before the Revolution of Dignity has coordinated this special operation. In addition, there are witnesses and several documentary evidence of capture of civilians and their being subject to torture», — said the Minister of justice.

Additionally, these preparations were informed by the then President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, which does not interfere with the implementation of the plan of the aggressor state, but rather gave the Russians their full cooperation, reports «Ліга.net».

«In fact, they (Yanukovych and his entourage — ed.) helped to Crimea in 2013, developed the preparation for the seizure. All the evidence we have filed with the ECHR,» — said the Minister.

According to him, all these information are confirmed by the data of the Ukrainian intelligence services, law enforcement, witnesses, and documentary material, which had managed to obtain justice.

He recalled that presently filed five statements of Ukraine against Russia in the ECHR. It’s two statements regarding the occupation of the Crimea in the period from February to September 2014 and from September 2014 to summer 2015. Another two statements relate to the events in the Donbass and the beginning of the actual war of Russia against Ukraine in the Lugansk and Donetsk regions in the same periods. The fifth statement is the work of children — orphans. The last thing is extremely important from the point of view of proof of the cooperation of the Russian Federation with terrorist organizations «DNR» and «LNR». «We have irrefutable proof that the officials of the border authorities of the Russian Federation missed and contributed to the illegal kidnapping of Ukrainian children and transport them to the territory of the Russian Federation», — added Petrenko.

Now Ukraine continues preparation of the sixth claim.

The Ministry of justice: the occupation of Crimea was prepared in the Kremlin before the start of the revolution of Dignity, the evidence given to the European court 09.02.2017

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