The Ministry of internal Affairs investigates the violation of Saakashvili’s military censorship: «merged» in the Network video with advanced

The Ministry of internal Affairs has launched investigation regarding the actions of the head of Odessa region Mikheil Saakashivli for publishing classified information online about ATO units.

About this the speaker of the administration of the President of the ATU Andrei Lysenko said in an interview with Novaya Gazeta, speaking of violations of military censorship.

«The most recent, explicit: advanced video that leaked on the Internet Saakashvili. A complete surrender of the Ukrainian positions! (The head of the Odessa regional state administration visited the Odessa battalion «Storm» on January 14 and posted on the web story: as it reveals the weaknesses in fighters. In the frame was a post card, soldiers of the speakers are open face, the area is well recognizable, etc. — ed.) that was strictly forbidden to journalists, did not the last government official», he said.

«I think the military Prosecutor’s office and the counterintelligence needs to evaluate. As far as I know, the Ministry of internal Affairs has already started the investigation,» he said.

«Saakashvili can say shot another man, he himself all the time in the frame. And suffer videographer or someone who put», — he added.

«Very well, when the Governor is interested in the life of the unit. Only children, ideally, should now have to get out there! Already gone because of the threat to their families from the separatists. Several articles of the Criminal code pulls this «movie». However, the military Prosecutor’s office to prosecute and investigate, not publicly. A final decision will be made by the court,» he added.

Lysenko said that the military censorship is, as the chief military censor.

«But the name and rank of I have no right to call,» he added.

«In each connection serves as head of the Department, which is responsible for keeping military and state secrets. Ensures that in the body — and the camera did not get the documents stamped «Secret»: post cards, military orders, orders code table for communication, lists of personnel of military units. Because even on the financial statements can determine the number of troops,» — said Lysenko.

«It is also forbidden to display the secure communications equipment, computers «in themselves», i.e. not connected to the Network machine for processing secret data. Under taboo — moves messages between platoon strong points. It is impossible to show the position where is the surveillance of the enemy, the relocation of columns,» — said Lysenko.

«Always ask the operators not to do videos with binding to the terrain, or else to meter calculates the location of the object. In the dugout, in the tent, in the trenches — remove, please. It is not always possible to show the faces of the military. In General, censorship in our environment — is primarily a concern for security,» he said.

He noted that «the most grateful readers and the audience of Ukrainian media intelligence from the GRU of the General staff of the Armed forces and the Federal security service of Russia».

«They skillfully learned to use for spreading disinformation and creating a mass psychosis. We’re in 2014, and last year watched», he added.

We will remind, in January, Saakashvili visited Mariupol and was outraged by the conditions in which the Ukrainian military at checkpoints. «After some hesitation decided to upload videos, as this mess continues for more than a year and the respective departments had enough time to correct the situation,» — said Saakashvili, confirming their words with video.

The Ministry of internal Affairs investigates the violation of Saakashvili’s military censorship: «merged» in the Network video with advanced 10.02.2016

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