The Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine does not agree with the USAS and sees no reason to ban flights to Sharm El Sheikh — media

Ukrainian aviation authorities to date have no grounds to issue any orders about banning flights to Sharm El Sheikh (Egypt), said on Thursday, February 5, 2015, «Interfax-Ukraine» with reference to the Ministry of infrastructure and the corporate press-Secretary of airline «Ukraine International airlines» (UIA, Kyiv) Eugene Satsky.

«The termination of the flight today, it is not,» said Satsky.

Satsky reminded that the State aviation service of Ukraine has banned the Ukrainian airlines to plan the flights over the Sinai Peninsula in particular the aeronautical point of the Cyprus flight information region (FIR).

According to the telegram of the Ministry of transport on the planning and execution of flights in the airspace of FIR Cairo over the Sinai Peninsula, which is posted on the service site are prohibited the flights using aeronautical point PASOS (Cyprus FIR). «The flight plans of air navigation through the specified point will be rejected. For flights it is recommended to use aeronautical point LAKTO and/or RASDA», — stated in the telegram.

In addition, the carriers required to closely monitor the publication of the relevant NOTAM concerning the use of airspace and the Cairo FIR. They are also required to conduct their own analysis of risks to flights in the Cairo FIR, a limited number of coordinates, along the border of Egypt/Israel and the airspace of neighbouring countries. In this regard, Satsky said that the company intends to send in Sharm El Sheikh’s own security expert to conduct an appropriate audit of aviation safety in this city.

In addition, she said, MAU has also proposed the Ministry of transport to deliver in Sharm El Sheikh and its specialist to audit.

As reported, the plane A-321 of the Russian airline «Kogalymavia», carrying out flight on a route Sharm El Sheikh to St Petersburg, crashed on 31 October in the Sinai Peninsula. All aboard 224 passengers and crew members were killed.

The investigation is ongoing.

Note that MAU had reported earlier that she has no plans to adjust the schedule due to the ban of flights over the Sinai Peninsula, as its routes not pass through it.

Before that, the Russian air carriers has adjusted flight routes their flights to the arrival and departure Sharm El Sheikh (Egypt) in connection with the requirements of the European organization for the safety of air navigation.

However on Thursday it became known that the carriers of great Britain, France, Netherlands, Ireland will not operate flights to Sharm El Sheikh. About the same stops of the flights declared and the German group Lufthansa. In this direction the group has scheduled two weekly flights of affiliated companies «Lufthansa» — «Eurowings» and «Edelweiss Air».

The Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine does not agree with the USAS and sees no reason to ban flights to Sharm El Sheikh — media 05.11.2015

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