The Ministry of infrastructure: 17 blocked Russian trucks returned to Ukraine

Tuesday, February 17, on the territory of Ukraine returned 17 Ukrainian trucks that were blocked in the Russian Federation due to the adopted 14 February the ban on the Ukrainian transit vehicles, reported the UNIAN, the Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine Andrey Pivovarsky.

«From 9am (18 February – ed.) began working the program «going home». Yesterday returned 17 Ukrainian trucks. With business behind closed doors we can talk tomorrow,» said brewer.

As reported, activists in 10 regions of Ukraine on 11 February started a termless action to prevent the departure from Ukraine in the direction of the international borders of trucks with Russian registration.

The participants of the blockade demand to recognize Russia as an aggressor country in all spheres of public-political life of Ukraine, in particular, by preventing the placement of business occupiers in Ukraine, termination of trade with Russia, establishing the ban on entry and transit through Ukraine Russian trucks.

In response to the actions of the activists, the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation on 14 February unilaterally suspended the movement of trucks on Ukrainian the Russian territory.

On 15 February, Russian media reported that Russia blocked the traffic on their territories of all Ukrainian automobile trucks, except those that follow to Kazakhstan under guard.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine sent to the Russian foreign Ministry a note with the requirement to explain the reasons for decisions taken, and Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk has demanded to lift the ban and adhere to the norms of international law.

On 15 February the Cabinet of Ministers decided to temporarily suspend the movement of Russian trucks through territory of Ukraine.

On the same day the Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine Andriy Pivovarsky has said that Ukraine and Russia will hold technical consultations on a resumption of the movement of trucks through the territory of both countries.

Ukraine and the Russian Federation agreed to temporarily, for the period from 16 February until 25 February 2016, to restore the movement of freight vehicles on the territories of both countries.

The activists involved in blocking the Russian trucks on Ukrainian territory, agreed to let them back in Russia.

The Ministry of infrastructure: 17 blocked Russian trucks returned to Ukraine 18.02.2016

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