The Ministry of health tabled in the list of mandatory medical services

The Ministry of health shall submit for public discussion the draft order on the Procedure of applying primary health care, which defines the responsibilities of the physician primary care and the list of guaranteed research and studies. On 8 February at the briefing said the Deputy health Minister Pavlo Kovtonyuk, UKRINFORM reported.

«This is the order the services were primary care, which describes how we choose a doctor, what kind of help he provides and the amount of aid needed. The document has as General functions of the primary care physician in the prevention, treatment of major medical conditions according to medical protocols, and the list of tests inherent to primary care, a list of screening procedures,» said Kovtonyuk.

So, in addition to direct okazaniya primary care, the project document identified the provision of assistance in an urgent condition, the formation of a plan of survey of the patient and his treatment, prescriptions, other medical events, the analysis of the research results, advice on healthy lifestyle, conduct immunization, risk assessment of the patient’s disease, coordination and organization of laboratory researches, registration of certificates, letters of disability and so on.

It is also the responsibility of the primary care physician will include monitoring neoslojnennoe pregnancy, health baby care, patient referral, which does not need emergency medical care, if necessary on the secondary link and the coordination of work, management of patients suffering from socially dangerous diseases, with mental disorders, the provision of palliative care (in particular the design of prescriptions for pain medication, etc.).

The primary care physician also is engaged in registration of documents for the direction on mediko-social examination and rehabilitation of persons incapacitated.

In addition, the project document identified the number of diagnostic procedures and laboratory tests for primary care, among them hematological studies, biochemical and immunochemical studies, urine and stool, electrocardiogram and chest x-ray, a total of 20 positions.

The list of screening tests and indications for it in the following diseases were defined as follows: hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cervical cancer, colorectal cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer.

The document also defines requirements for material equipment of institutions where the primary care, other rules governing these activities.

The draft order on the Procedure will be approved after discussion with the expert environment and the regions.

Separately, the Deputy Minister noted that these services should be provided in full in health-care facilities of all ownership forms that draw from a population of contracts for the provision of state-guaranteed primary health care.

All documents are available for review and public comment on the website of Ministerstva.

We will remind, since January 1, the Ukrainians have six months to search family physicians.

The Ministry of health tabled in the list of mandatory medical services 09.02.2017

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