The Ministry of health insists that the hospitals because of the creation of hospital districts won’t be closed

The Ministry of health monitors compliance with the methodology of creating hospital districts, and the community to independently determine quantitative and qualitative composition of health facilities in the district hospital. This is stated in the answer of the Deputy Minister of health of Pavlo Kovtonyuk to the complaints of citizens regarding the possible closure of hospitals, the press service of the Ministry of health.

«I want to draw attention that the boundaries of the hospital districts and administrative territorial districts — are two different things, and the Ministry does not matter where the local authority will determine the centers. The main thing — there should be a structure of the hospitals, which ensures the availability of every person to quality health services. If you have any questions regarding the attachment of territories to one or another hospital is exclusively the competence of local authorities», — said Kovtonyuk.

The Ministry noted that the rumors about the closure of hospitals is not true, because law is prohibited. The idea of hospital districts is in planning the development of hospitals. At the same time, the local government needs to take responsibility, to explain to people the necessity of conversion of inefficient facilities or offices in them in social care institutions, rehabilitation centers.

«The Ministry and the Cabinet of Ministers began to receive letters, in which deputies of different levels complain of «bad» distribution of areas within the hospital districts. This demonstrates the desire of local government to shift responsibility for the lack of dialogue within communities to Central authorities. The Ministry of health of Ukraine once again emphasizes management and decision-making is now a competence of the communities. We know that this process will be painful, but Ukraine should go the way of the administrative-command form of government, when the center indicates where and what to build, to democratic, when the local authorities will take responsibility for the quality of life of their communities,» said Kovtonyuk.

The Ministry of health of Ukraine and the Ministry of regional development, construction, housing and utilities of Ukraine prepared a letter addressed to the mayors, chairmen of regional state administration, district councils and regional councils with clarification on the responsibilities of local authorities at the stage of formation of hospital districts.

To date, the Central government submitted for approval the following list of districts:

Kyiv — 1 district

Kyiv region – 4 district

Kirovograd region – 4 district

Mykolaiv region – 4 district

Poltava region – 4 district

Vinnytsia region – 3 counties

Dnipropetrovsk region – 5 districts

Zhytomyr region – 4 district

Zaporozhye region – 5 districts

Odessa region – 5 districts

Rivne region– 3 counties

Khmelnitsky region– 3 counties

Cherkasy region– 4 district

We also recall that from January 1, Ukrainians have six months to search family physicians.

The Ministry of health insists that the hospitals because of the creation of hospital districts won’t be closed 25.01.2017

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