The Ministry of education proposes new system for the universities: the scholarship — only the best

The Ministry of education and science plans to develop a new mechanism of financing higher education. This was during the debate on financing higher education, organized by the analytical center CEDOS, said the first Deputy Minister of education and science Inna Sovsun, the press service of MES.

«We are changing the mechanism of state order for another type of financing that will be based on the results,» said Sovsun.

The new funding model proposed by the Mer, contains several components. First, the funding of universities based on last year’s figures. «Those who work in universities should have the stability to know that they get 70% of the funding last year and will be able to plan for the future», — said the first Deputy Minister.

However, she noticed that it was necessary to develop indicators that are based on the results of studies at the University the best students and the ability of students to decide which University to go to study.

Another component is the quality of research in universities, what the universities should not only be training centers, but also centers of research.

In addition, provides for the establishment of social funds for a better and socially vulnerable categories of students.

«The scholarship will benefit vulnerable students and the best students. However, there can be 75% of the best students, because it profanes the very idea — best student» Mr. Sovsun explained.

One option to support students based loans to cover expenses related to studies.

Also in the new funding model proposes to create funds for capital investment based on the needs of each University.

«If we distribute public funds to higher education institution, we must look at the quality of research work. The main idea is to create a system that will allow funds to provide quality education,» said Sovsun.

May Finance and private universities, in case they choose the best applicants. As noted in the Ministry, the new Law of Ukraine «On higher education» allows us to provide public funding to private universities. Changes in legislation are currently being developed by the Ministry and will be presented to the public for discussion, private schools will receive funding for one indicator — the number of students from among the best who want to study in a private school.

The Ministry noted that today the system of higher education funding covers utilities universities and pay teachers. The number of teaching rates is tied to the number of students. Instead of having to teach fewer students and have money for other expenses, primarily for research, it encourages spending all the money only for education.

Earlier it became known, as reforming Ukrainian orphanages and schools.

The Ministry of education proposes new system for the universities: the scholarship — only the best 29.02.2016

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