The Ministry fired the head of the Lviv of justice, which interviews asked the words to «tape for Tape»

The disciplinary Commission in the framework of an official investigation found evidence of abuse of authority chief of the Main territorial administration of justice in the Lviv region Yaroslav Zukrowski and recommended to dismiss him from his post. On 2 January, reported the press service of the Ministry of justice of Ukraine.

It is noted that the orders, signed Zukrowski found signs of violations of the law.

«In particular, one of the orders established the obligation for the staff at the Desk audits and complaints to coordinate use of registers personally with Zukrowski. Another order established the direct subordination of certain civil servants of the office of the state register directly Zukrowska. The disciplinary Commission noted that in issuing orders Zhukrovsky violated the requirements of the Constitution of Ukraine and number of laws. The decisions are beyond the powers of the head of regional justice and can be qualified as excess of office powers», – stated in the message.

The Ministry noted that the officer did not come to the Commission meeting, but his written explanation «not denied» the findings of the disciplinary Committee and proof of the legality of their actions it is not provided.

Based on the findings of the Commission, the Ministry of justice on 28 December dismissed Zakrevskogo. It is noted that he has not yet seen the order.

«December 29, from 9.00 to 12.00 the official dismissed in the workplace has not appeared. According to the personnel management service of the territorial administration, «of the 28th and 29th of December, he was absent and said that he was at the hospital.» This information raises many questions, especially if you consider the fact that the officer on the dates specified were actually performed his duties – imposed resolution and signed official documents», – told in the Ministry of justice.

Zhukrovsky called the decision of the Commission senile.

«Christmas gift from the Ministry of justice of Ukraine. Came to the office by unknown persons and brought marasmic decision of the disciplinary Commission that I overstepped my authority. By his orders I destroyed the corruption schemes and ensure effective work of the operational headquarters. And here we find the excess! Happy New year!» – he wrote in Facebook on December 29.

The Ministry fired the head of the Lviv of justice, which interviews asked the words to «tape for Tape» 04.01.2018

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