The Minister of sport of the Russian Federation plans to go to the Olympics in 2018 despite the ban by the IOC

The Minister of sports of Russia Pavel Kolobkov said on December 21 to journalists that plans to go to the winter Olympics 2018 in South Korea’s Pyeongchang, despite the ban of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), according to RBC.

It is noted that he can go only in an unofficial status, as the IOC has banned all representatives of the Ministry of sports of Russia to participate in the Games.

Balls admitted that the Russian national team which will act in a neutral status at the Olympics will provoke. According to the Minister, we can expect information stuffing and provocations. Balls urged to stop persecution of athletes.

In November 2015 World anti-doping Agency (WADA) has published a report which accused the Russian Federation in government support of doping. The report noted that Russian special services were covered systematic doping Russian athletes, admits the «direct intimidation and interference» in the work of the WADA-accredited anti-doping laboratory in Moscow.

Because of the doping scandal, the national team of Russia on athletics was removed from the Olympic games in 2016. Also the Russian team at full strength is not allowed to the summer Paralympics.

5 Dec, IOC because of the systematic anti-doping rule violations barred from participating in the 2018 Olympics, the national Olympic Committee of the Russian Federation. The IOC Executive Board also suspended for life from any involvement in the Olympics and former sports Minister Vitaly Mutko and his former Deputy Yury Nagornykh.

According to requirements the IOC, the form of the Russian sportsmen on the Olympic games 2018 may not contain the coat of arms of Russia, emblem of the Russian Olympic Committee, and the colors of individual form elements should not be folded into the Russian tricolor. In this case, the equipment may be used only monochrome or two-color items.

On the form, athletes may only contain the inscription, Olympic Athlete from Russia or the acronym OAR. The font of the words «Olympic athlete» and «from Russia» must be the same and proportional to the area where it is placed.

The Minister of sport of the Russian Federation plans to go to the Olympics in 2018 despite the ban by the IOC 22.12.2017

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