The Minister of justice accused the NACP in sabotage

The Minister of justice Pavel Petrenko said that the developed by the National Agency for prevention of corruption document on the procedure for conducting checks of government officials is unconstitutional. In the air «channel 5» Petrenko also noted that the NACP is the only government body which can not find a common language with the Ministry of justice.

«It all looks on the verge of such sabotage… for some reason with this public authority, which is to prevent corruption, there is a very strange situation…their Main document is the test procedure is the document that defines the «road map» as verified by an official who has filed the Declaration. For some reason they have started to develop Palatino… when we as the Ministry of justice … offered them, let us enter into this process in order to quickly make high-quality document. For some reason, the NACP has not gone to the meeting», — said the Minister.

He also added that he could not put the signature under this document, «which will jeopardize all the work on combating corruption».

«We explained to our colleagues, he said, include comments to the new text. Instead, NACP, two days spent pseudoobscura, the same text with certain technical amendments were sent to the Ministry of justice. We were forced to bring him back again,» — said Petrenko.

We will remind, in November of 2016 NACP accused the justice Department of blocking the start of testing for customs officials.

The Minister of justice accused the NACP in sabotage 24.01.2017

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