The Minister of economic development resigned: people Poroshenko is preventing reforms

The Minister of economic development and trade aivaras abromavicius announced the decision to resign because of the lack of support and active opposition by his team reforms. He said it at a press conference in Kyiv on Wednesday, 3 February, reports «Interfax-Ukraine».

«Today I have decided to resign from the post of Minister. The reason – a sharp intensification of blocking any system and important reforms in our country,» he said.

Abromavicius accuses Kononenko in blocking the work of the Ministry

«It is not just the lack of support or political will. This is an active operation designed to paralyze our reform work, from the unexpected withdrawal of the protection of the Minister and his family before imposing under increasing pressure dubious characters in my team and in key positions in state enterprises», – said Abromavicius.

The Minister stressed that this decision is not emotional, and is caused by the fact that under the current system he and one of his team cannot be effective, because it is very strong pressure. The main opposition recently Abromavicius called one of the leaders of the faction «Block of Petro Poroshenko» Igor Kononenko.

The Minister said that he wished that his resignation served as a kind of call and a cold shower, as in this situation, technocratic Ministers have no place and they have not created the conditions for the work.

«The forces of evil want to rewind everything back… Let’s get rid of the beholder, which is user friendly, the Ukrainian economy… we All, who were the technocratic people in the government thought it would be different, that they will receive political support at the highest level», – said the head of MEDT.

He added that he had also formed clear wage bill for new people in the government and the ministries, although this has been repeatedly promised.

Journalists applauded this statement by the Minister.

Abromavicius said that he had informed about its decision until just the head of Administration of President Boris Lozhkin, whereas with the Prime Minister or the President did not communicate on Tomo.

Abromavicius has been appointed Minister in December 2014. Prior to his appointment, he had 18 years experience in investment companies with headquarters in Stockholm and other European capitals.

At the end of 2015 after a year and a half to work in the civil service to resign from the post of first Deputy Minister of infrastructure left , Vladimir his arm, and from the post of first Deputy head of the national Bank of Ukraine Alexander Pisaruk, and in January – the first Deputy head of the Ministry of economic development Ruslan Korzh, All prior to his appointment he worked in the business.

Recall, 18 September 2015 the Verkhovna Rada did not support the resignation of the healthcare Minister Alexander Kvitashvili.

In December, the resignation of the Minister of infrastructure Andriy Pivovarsky. In January 2016 to leave the Cabinet decided and the Minister of agrarian policy and food Alex Pavlenko.

The parliamentary coalition is discussing changing the composition of the Cabinet.

Abromavicius accuses Kononenko in blocking the work of the Ministry

«I and my team have no desire to be a cover for outright corruption, controlled by puppets for those who want the style of the old regime to establish control over public money. These people have names, and one of these names I will announce is Igor Kononenko. As a representative political force that nominated me as Minister, in the last month he has done a lot to block my work and the work of the Ministry», — said abromavicius.

According to him, at first controlled by I. Kononenko deputies from BPP has developed a resolution on its resignation, then handed his party «Revival» and eventually those made in Parliament.

«For several months, had collected as many as 18 votes. During the year, Igor Kononenko actively lobbied for his people to the position of General Director of «Ukrkhimtransamiak». Kononenko had a direct interest in this company, where, instead of helping me to overthrow the regions of Bandika, brought his men, who jointly govern this enterprise», — said the head of MEDT.

He also reported that the MP from the PPO directly controlled by Kononenko «pushed» to Ukrvneshtorg, businesses of powder metallurgy, few other companies.

Among these enterprises the head of MEDT also called the National accreditation Agency of Ukraine, the United mining and chemical company, intellectual property Service, «Electrotyazhmash».

«The culmination of this human outrage and desire total submission threads was the desire to have his Deputy in the Ministry of economy, responsible for Naftogaz and other state-owned enterprises. Candidate two days ago brought a complete set of documents and said: I am your new Deputy, I Kononenko and my candidacy has already been agreed at the top. After that, I received a call from the presidential administration with a strong recommendation to take this man and another to the post of Deputy Minister for defense», — said abromavicius.

Answering the question if he could call other people blocking the work of the Ministry, Abromavicius noted that there are a lot of detractors.

«I focused on Kononenko, because the latest incident, on Monday, already with a large folder of documents for the view, it was already too much, so we disagree. Understand the importance of the Minister of economy has greatly increased at the end of last year, because, based on our reputation, in the process of reform of the NJSC «Naftogaz of Ukraine» on the proposal of the EBRD the decision was taken to transfer the NAC from the Ministry of energy the Ministry of economy. Once the importance, attractiveness of positions has increased dramatically,» — said Abromavicius.

He also noted that the Ministry was passed to guide the selection of the heads of 60 state-owned enterprises.

We will note, the media called Kononenko «financial guarantor» of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko on many issues. Himself Poroshenko, about these relationships, said, «unlike many I don’t need neither the financial advisors nor the purse».

The Minister of economic development resigned: people Poroshenko is preventing reforms 03.02.2016

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