The military Prosecutor’s office announced the witnesses testimony and victims against Lyhyita and Radchenko

The main military Prosecutor’s office released the testimony on which they based the election of a preventive measure in form of detention for «aydarovets» Valentine Lyhyita (call sign «dad»).

They also mentioned another «aydarovets» Roman Radchenko (call sign «Milestone»), who was also arrested on Friday, July 1.

Favorite Liholiho measure based on the evidence received during trial in other cases on the events of not only 2014, but 2015 years», — stated in the message on the website of the Prosecutor General.

According to the prosecution, «suspect 1» noted that the evening 30.07.2014 team Bati-Legalita was arranged for the personnel of the battalion «Aydar», next was «the Frontier»-Radchenko. While Likholit said that it is necessary to go to sweep in the town of Severodonetsk. Further Radchenko of the applicants selected about 10 people.

These persons went to Severodonetsk, namely to the office of Deputy of the Severodonetsk city Council S. citizen In the office of citizen S. Likholit along with Radchenko discussed the details of the attacks on the houses of the mayor and his two deputies.

During the attacks of 30 July to 1 August 2014 for these households Radchenko was nearby of the perpetrators of the attacks were controlled and coordinated actions of the latter.

01.08.2014 morning on the hood of one of the cars in the hangar at the base of the battalion «Aydar» («height»), they placed the cash received in the course of the attacks, more than 10 equal parts, and things took possession of the attackers.

Fighter battalion «Aydar» brought to «the height» Likholit, and the men who were present in the hangar, reported Liholiho about the events that took place at night. Then Likholit ordered means to divide, and the property «razdelyvanie». Likholit received the same share as others.

The prosecutors also cited the testimony of «witness 2», which said that in the future, the car brand Subaru Outback, which was stolen during the attack, he drove Lyhyita at the direction of the latter. In January 2015, by order Lyhyita the vehicle he gave to the citizen from whom it was seized.

The witness said that three victims were held in the basement of sausage shop in the village of Polovynkyne Starobilsk district, Luhansk region. Radchenko repeatedly conducted interrogations of these individuals. Once, immediately after the interrogation, Radchenko said 2-sh, just been questioned by a citizen To (the victim). Also, once on the orders Lyhyita witness 2-sh were taken To the citizen (the victim) to the river so they can wash.

Also reported the testimony of «victim 3, who noted that the period of captivity heard a Callsign «Batya» and «combat».

It also contained the testimony of «witness 4″, which reported about illegal actions Radchenko against police officers, namely death threats with hand grenades».

Witness 5 reported that permanently to the base of the battalion «Aydar» in Polovynkyne under the leadership Lyhyita the soldiers drove cars that were arbitrarily taken away from citizens.

«Witness 6» was told that Likholit asked him to kill two soldiers from the battalion «Aydar» in exchange for assistance in obtaining Ukrainian citizenship.

«Suspects 7 and 8 also indicate that committed the alleged authority of pre-trial investigation of the wrongful action is at the direction of Radchenko and Lyhyita.

«The suspect 9» indicates the existence of an armed gang leaders which were Radchenko and Likholit, and confirms that also participated in the attacks committed by this gang.

Are also presented the testimony of a «witness 10,» which noted that a few days after the crime the police seized a videotape of the household, where he was attacked by the gang, and showed him (witness 10). While he recognized among the attackers of the soldier battalion «Aydar».

«The victim, 11 reported that Likholit was talking on his cell phone with him at the time of the attack on his household. During a conversation Likholit told the victim that if he wants to return private vehicle Lexus RX 450, it is necessary to come to the base of the battalion «Aydar».

Also the victim repeatedly communicated with Liholetem using a mobile connection, regarding the return of hunting weapons and documents, which were stolen during the attack 23.08.2014.

Likholit promised to help with the return of the above items, if the victim will help with the funding of his election campaign on elections of people’s deputies to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, which took place in September-October 2014″, — said the Prosecutor’s office.

As reported, on July 1, the Prosecutor’s office said that it is reported about suspicion to two volunteers of a battalion of territorial defense «Aydar» in the Commission of criminal offences under article 257, part 4 of article 187, part 3 of article 289, part 3 of article 146, part 3 of article 28, part 3 of article 357 of the criminal code of Ukraine.

On 2 July the Pechersky regional court of Kiev arrested Lyhyita for 2 months without the right to bail. After that the deputies and activists blocked the hall of Pechersk district court and was not allowed to take Lyhyita in jail.

The court of appeal of Kiev on Saturday evening Valentine Lyhyita released on bail of deputies of the Verkhovna Rada.

On the re-arrest of «aydarovets» while no official information.

The military Prosecutor’s office announced the witnesses testimony and victims against Lyhyita and Radchenko 03.07.2016

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