The militants reduced the activity of attacks. The ATO forces strengthened their positions. Shirokino demining

Pro-Russian fighters reduced the activity of shelling in the zone of the Antiterrorist operation in the Donbas.

On Thursday 25 February, reports the press center of ATO on his page in the social network Facebook.

«The situation in the zone of the ATO compared to past day stabilized. From midnight, enemy activity decreased significantly and recorded 13 attacks of positions of VSU. 8 in the direction of Donetsk and 5 in Mariupol», — stated in the message.

Thus in a staff have noted that the Russian mercenaries continue to ignore the Minsk agreement and are firing from mortars.

«Around 13: 00 the terrorists opened fire and indirect fired Ukrainian strongholds in Krasnogorovka 4 mines,» reported in the press center.

In addition, the ATO forces positions near Marinka, Krasnogorovka, Sands and Mayorsk Russian terrorists fired from grenade launchers of various calibers, heavy machine guns and small arms.

Strong points close to Novgorod and Marinka fired by enemy snipers, said the headquarters of ATO.

As noted in the press center, a few days ago, the militants left the village Shirokino. Unit of the armed forces immediately took this settlement under control. Now there are activities on mine clearance and destruction of explosive items.

Divisions of forces of anti-terrorist operation strengthen, equip firing positions and are ready at any moment to repel the enemy.

Headquarters recalled that according to the Minsk agreements, the settlement of Shirokino is the zone of responsibility of the armed forces. Thus, the restoration of the control of the Ukrainian military over this settlement does not violate the conditions of the aforementioned agreements.

«During the second day of military engineers courageously and professionally carried out demining activities in the territory, the elimination of explosive devices, conduct inspection of territories and buildings, find places where there are mines and unexploded ammunition», — reports the press service of the defense Ministry of Ukraine.

So, leaving Shirokino, the militants have mined almost every house: put dozens of stretch marks, mines and booby-traps.

«Today the settlement of Shirokino is in ruins, mutilated by the enemy’s artillery. A lot of unexploded ordnance located on the surface. Our engineers have identified their signs. In addition, we cleared the minefields left by the separatists: in-house engineering ammunition and stretching of grenades f-1 and RGD-5. These traps are left there, where ordinary people — in the cellars, yards, gardens,» quoted one of the military engineers, who now works in Shirokino, the press service of the MOA.

As said on air «channel 5» on Thursday 25 February, the speaker of the General staff Armed forces Vladislav Seleznev, the forces involved in the ATO in the Donbass, currently located at the positions defined Minsk agreements and Ukraine continues to comply strictly with their commitments.

«We are in the same positions, which is defined Minsk agreements. And those settlements that are before (the signing of the Minsk agreements) were under our control, and are now under our control. All attempts of militants to change the line of demarcation encounter the appropriate response from the forces of ATO», — he said.

Earlier in the morning it was reported that the ATO forces near zaytsevo captured and seized a large number of weapons terrorists. Almost days lasted the battle near the village zaytsevo in the Donetsk region. For a month this hot zero sector of the front, which protects a separate mechanized infantry brigade, hits daily summary of the headquarters of the ATO.

Journalist, special correspondent at TV channel «inter» Roman bochkala told some details of night battle in zaytsevo.

«Ukrainian military managed to take Russian weapons. Trophies rashizm. After all, among them flamethrowers «bumblebee», which we adopted there. The fight led the soldiers of the 17th battalion 57 brigade (Kirovograd). Her 42й baht. Talked to them now,» he wrote in his Facebook.

«The guys managed to eliminate a fortified enemy. It was an enemy of «the secret». The enemy was certain that Ukrainian soldiers don’t know about it. But the world not without kind people. Suggested. Wearily grenade launchers and go! The arms used small. «Otpusknie» were forced to quickly flee. Our thank God without a loss. Easy one three-hundredth. Was countered local separate, namely Russian military personnel. This is evidenced by the teamwork and tactics of their actions. Objectcan now is not very comfortable. Three hundred meters from this «secret», which is already not a secret school. And it is kids bearded uncle. The staff they have there. Now I think to blame. That’s nice. Yesterday from Shirokino legs did today zaytsevo. Such encouraging news from the front! The guys voice is cheerful, ready to go further! Another order would…», — the journalist writes.

We will remind, before the Ukrainian military from-for continuous attacks of terrorists were forced to occupy the industrial area near Avdiyivka, Donetsk region. The enemy used mortars prohibited caliber, automatic grenade launchers and heavy machine guns. «Had been threatened and homes of local residents. To avoid loss of personnel and civilian casualties, our soldiers were forced to push the enemy outside of the settlement», — stated in the headquarters.

The militants reduced the activity of attacks. The ATO forces strengthened their positions. Shirokino demining 26.02.2016

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