The militants opened fire 60 times per day: on may day and were beaten by MSU Grad rockets

The militants do not stop shelling positions of the Ukrainian forces. The addition of grenade launchers and mortars, night the terrorists had used multiple rocket launcher systems fire.

About this press-center of staff ATO reports on the page in Facebook.

«So, with the direction of Staromikhaylovka on our strong points in may and Nevel, the enemy opened fire with BM-21 Grad», — stated in the message.

Under mortar attack by the militants hit position forces ATO in the Sands, Krasnogorovka, Shirokino, Lebedinsky, as well as near Chermalyk and Water.

The shelling of the Ukrainian strongholds of rocket-propelled grenades and small arms were recorded in Experienced, Marinka, Lugansk, Novgorod, zaytsevo, Trinity and Novoselivka. In addition, the Ukrainian fortifications in Experienced fighters used anti-tank guided missile.

On Lugansk the direction of the strong points of ATO forces near the Crimean and Golden were fired from mortars.

Only for last days fighters 60 times opened fire on positions of forces ATO.

We will remind, on February 13-14, in the area of Marinka and Krasnogorovka the situation is especially tense situation. In the first half of the day near the area of Mariinka had been fighting, and because of the constant shelling was closed checkpoint.

At the headquarters of the ATO reported that militants near zaytsevo, Mayorsk, Sand and Krasnogorovka open fire both day and night.

On 16 February, the situation deteriorated sharply – terrorists 79 times during the day, they opened fire near Nikolayevka and Novotroitsk held clashes with the ATO forces with DRG gangs. Three Ukrainian soldiers were killed and seven were wounded.

The militants opened fire 60 times per day: on may day and were beaten by MSU Grad rockets 17.02.2016

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