The militants «LNR» go home and «withdraw» children from «dysfunctional parents»

The security forces of the so-called «LPR»in a month «withdrew» from the parent families of 40 children who were identified in orphanages and rehabilitation centers. About this separatist media said calling itself «operupolnomochennogo of the juvenile Department of the internal Affairs of LNR» Tatyana Savchenko.

In the occupied Lugansk debt for communal reached 46 million. The militants are the «registries of malicious defaulters»

«Employees «of the Ministry of internal Affairs of LNR» together with employees of social service centres for family, children and youth in the course of complex security operation «Baby» were removed from dysfunctional families and sent to orphanages and rehabilitation centers and 40 children,» she said, reports «Island».

The operation on the seizure of children took place in «Republic» from October 3 to November 3.

In «LNR» this practice is called «helping families with children in difficult life circumstances».

«The purpose of this event is revealing of family trouble, facts of inadequate execution by parents of their responsibilities for the education of young children and minors, and violence and abuse of children,» – said Savchenko.

«Seized were 40 children from disadvantaged families who were in danger. The children were placed in orphanages and rehabilitation centers», – she reported.

The cause of the deprivation of parents of their children «, the representative of the Ministry of interior» was not named, but according to her, in the course of almost 2 raids revealed two facts of domestic violence.

In the civilized world children, in the terminology of the «LC» may be «withdrawn» from families only by court order. This requires a complicated procedure of deprivation of parental rights.

Earlier it was reported that according to the testimony of observers of the OSCE, disabled children in an orphanage for children with severe defects, which is occupied by militants in Krasnodon Lugansk region, malnourished and deprived of adequate medical care.

In the occupied Lugansk debt for communal reached 46 million. The militants are the «registries of malicious defaulters»

The debt of inhabitants of the occupied Lugansk on payment of housing services is about 46 million hryvnia (over the course of the national Bank, about 46 million UAH – ed.). About this separatist media reported calling himself «the Director of the municipal enterprise «CentreTelecom» Sergey Shatokhin.

According to the «Director», the debt originated in 2014, that is, since the occupation of Lugansk.

«It is the duty of Luhansk on payment services (maintenance of buildings and adjacent territories) to date is 113 million rubles (at the exchange rate of the national Bank, about 46 million UAH — ed.)», – he admitted.

Shatokhin said that specialists of the enterprise make up the rosters delinquent.

«Among the subscribers, about 15% are those who do not pay from year to year. We have created a registry of defaulters, they need to understand, including in a judicial order» – he warned.

As previously reported in the so-called «republics» of Donbass occupied constantly emphasize that in contrast to Ukraine had not increased utility rates, leaving them at the level of 2014. So, the self-proclaimed leader terrorist «LNR» Valery Bolotov was then forbidden to raise in the «LC» tariffs for utilities. He said that all those involved in the increase in tariffs officials will be punished according to the laws of war.

The militants «LNR» go home and «withdraw» children from «dysfunctional parents» 17.11.2016

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