The militants in Afghanistan kidnapped the 13 teachers

In the Eastern province of Nangarhar Afghanistan the militants of the terrorist group «ISIS» during the examinations were kidnapped from a religious school 13 teachers.

It is reported by the world Tribune.

«At least 13 teachers of the Seminary were kidnapped by supporters of the «Islamic state of Iraq and the Levant» (ISIL) in the Eastern province of Nangarhar», — stated in the message.

As noted, the Afghan security forces have already started the operation to liberate teachers.

In Nangarhar province, bordering Pakistan, there are many representatives of the Islamist movement «Taliban». Extremist group «Islamic state» also in recent years, stronger in Eastern Afghanistan.

Earlier, the Turkish military has reported the destruction of 9 fighters of the terrorist organization ISIL, and also on the elimination of 198 objects Islamist militants in the North of Syria.

The militants in Afghanistan kidnapped the 13 teachers 15.01.2017

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