The militants have actively obstructed during inspections, according to the OSCE observers

Recently the OSCE observers very often «faced constraints on their freedom of movement, mostly in areas not controlled by the [Ukrainian] Government,» — noted in the report of the Special OSCE monitoring mission in Ukraine (SMM) as of 8 February. Provides a list of specific cases. In one of those located at the checkpoint, the militants even felt the guards.

«Members of the «DPR» to further travel demanded from the SMM monitors to show the passport, «accreditation» and signed by the patrol plans — all this in violation of the mandate of the SMM», — specify the authors of the report.

Below is a list of specific cases of this kind, contained in this document SMM of the OSCE.

«Denial of access:

— In the government-controlled Water (19 km North-East of Mariupol), the SMM met with a makeshift barrier of tires and planks and are unable to pass on.

— Claiming that «the commander», three armed women stopped the SMM at the entrance to the former prison in a controlled «LNR» Chernukhino (65 km South-West of Luhansk) at all times to monitor stationed on the territory of armed groups of «LNR»

Access with conditionality:

— Armed men at a checkpoint near » controlled «LNR» Gold (60 km North-West of Luhansk) have demanded that they be given to inspect the trunks of cars hmm, so the trip was continued.

— Twice at the checkpoint at the entrance to Gorlovka members of the «DPR» demanded that [the observers] SMM out of their cars, and conducted a visual inspection of patrol vehicles, including the trunk, glove compartment, center console and into the back seat. On the permanent location of equipment allocated to members of the «DPR» banned SMM to take photographs.

In Kominternovo (23 km North-East of Mariupol), one of the commanders of the «DPR» told the SMM that they had received orders not to allow the SMM patrol through Kominternovo and Water.

— At the checkpoint «DNR» at the Western entrance in January ( controlled by «DNR», 29 km North-East from Mariupol) «commander» of the checkpoint required [given the opportunity] to take a picture of the identity of the members of the SMM, and the members of the patrol team allowed him to do it.

— At the checkpoint «DNR» on the Eastern entrance to controlled «DNR» October «commander» controlled «DNR» of a post stated that the SMM needs to provide the «accreditation», passports, and plan an inspection, signed by an official of the OSCE. He photographed the identification documents of members of the SMM.

— At the checkpoint «DNR» when entering controlled «DNR» olenivka a «commander» of this post said that the refusal of MSF to present the passports of the countries of which they are citizens, will entail the denials of access at controlled «DND» territory, and that every time the SMM intends to cross the line of demarcation, it must notify in advance «DNR». He said that this post is not a post, and «border crossing point» and therefore all persons, including members of international organizations, in the passage must present passports of their countries».

On 4 February, the Deputy head of the Special OSCE monitoring mission in Ukraine (SMM) Alexander hug said that 90% of the cases of failures of the OSCE observers in the passage falls on the fighters. «If someone does not allow us to move freely, he contradicts not only our mandate but also to Minsk. To date, the majority of violations occur in the territory not controlled by the government — more than 90 per cent,» said hug.

The obstruction of the OSCE special monitoring mission in inspection poezdok has been reported many times before.

The militants have actively obstructed during inspections, according to the OSCE observers 10.02.2016

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