The militants during the day fired at positions of ATO forces in all directions

During the day, terrorist groups continued attacks of positions of forces ATO. Since the early days of the Pro-Russian mercenaries fired 19 times strongholds of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

On Friday 29 January, the press center ATO page in the social network Facebook.

«In Mariupol direction fighters fired from small arms and machine guns of large calibre on our strong points in Shirokino, Starognatovk and Krasnogorovka», — stated in the message.

On Donetsk the direction of strengthening the ATO forces were shelled near Novgorod and Lugansk from the APC and heavy machine gun.

«It was restless and near the airport. Here were fired the strengthening of the forces of ATO in the Sands, Experienced and at the mine Butovka», — noted in a staff.

In addition it is reported about activization of terrorists in Lugansk direction: «On our positions near Novozvanovka the enemy opened fire from grenade launchers and mortars».

Earlier it was reported that in zone anti-terrorist operation in Eastern Ukraine over the past day two Ukrainian soldiers were wounded. The speaker of the presidential administration of Ukraine on ATO Andrei Lysenko said that the situation in the zone of operations escalates, the rebels have increasingly used heavy weapons – mortars and armored vehicles.

«At the Lugansk direction in the Slovyanoserbsky district of the IAF fired Pture. On Donetsk the direction the attacks were recorded across the front line, especially it was hot at Svetlodarskoye arc and in the area of Gorlovka. Most of the attacks were aimed», — he told. According to Lysenko, in the district of Donetsk airport the number of provocations has waned, the heavy weapons the militants used. On the Mariupol direction, in the villages of Krasnogorovka and Maryinka, three times the enemy fired 82-mm mortars, two 120-mm mortars, one time out of the BMP.

The militants during the day fired at positions of ATO forces in all directions 30.01.2016

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