The militants are preparing for amphibious operations intelligence

The intensification of sabotage and reconnaissance actions on the Mariupol direction is associated with preparation for amphibious operations.

About it today, 21 February, the General Directorate of intelligence of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine.

According to Gur, confirmed strengthening 9 separate motorized rifle regiment (city of Novoazovsk) 1 academic units from structure 810 separate brigade of Marines of Coastal armies of the black sea fleet of the Russian Federation.

«The purpose of legalizing the stay of the Russian Marines in this direction and concealment of the fact of amphibious operations, command of the armed forces to implement the following measures:

— 12 February, published a decree of the so-called «head of DNR» Alexander Zakharchenko about renaming 9th separate motorized rifle regiment 9 special motorized rifle regiment of the marine corps;

— organized personnel support 9 OSP items of uniform clothing, inherent in the marine corps (black berets, vests, chevrons), and the application of the appropriate symbols on military equipment», — stated in the message.

It was also reported that in zone ATO in Mariupol direction, destroyed a group of Russian saboteurs killed three and wounded five terrorists.

The militants are preparing for amphibious operations intelligence 21.02.2016

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