The militants 50 times per day opened fire: still hot in the area of Donetsk and Gorlovka

Militants continue to violate the terms of the truce in the Donbass for the last day they are 50 times opened fire on positions of forces ATO.

About this press-center of staff ATO reports on the page in Facebook.

Zaharchenko signed a «decree» on the strengthening of the armed provocations from the «DNR»

«The most difficult situation remained in the suburbs of Donetsk and Gorlovka. Rocket-propelled grenades and heavy machine guns the enemy fired on our positions in the Sands, Experienced and Avdiivka and at the mine «Butovka». Seven times the militants from small arms and grenade launchers fired at Marinka», — stated in the message.

In the area of Gorlovka terrorists used mortars, rocket-propelled grenades and heavy machine guns. Ukrainian strongholds in Trinity and Novgorod were fired from grenade launchers of various systems, and the fortifications of the ATO forces in the Mayorsk and zaytsevo fighters opened fire with mortars of 82 and 120 mm.

Also mortars were fired at the ATO forces positions in Krasnogorovka.

Rocket-propelled grenades and small arms militants also used by the Ukrainian strongholds near Cademy, Starohnativka and Novogrigorievka.

Before intelligence reported that in connection with the mass defections of fighters 3-th separate motorized rifle brigade (Gorlovka) their leaders are deploying in the rear of the detachments.

The staff also earlier reported that Russian-terrorist groups through drone attacks were sharply intensified air reconnaissance in Mariupol direction.

On 5 February the enemy made 81 the shelling of the Ukrainian positions, a record number starting from August 2015.

The speaker of the administration of the President of the ATU Andrei Lysenko said earlier that in the direction of Donetsk, insecurity remains across the front. The most difficult situation, he said, was formed in zaytsevo, where Friday was recorded a series of enemy attacks with the use 120-mm mortars. Another mortar attack occurred near Mayorsk. In addition, said Lysenko, the situation has escalated around the Donetsk airport.

Earlier also it was reported that after the closure of a crossing point in zaytsevo militants fired several settlements of more than 150 min, using «scorched earth tactics».

Zaharchenko signed a «decree» on the strengthening of the armed provocations from the «DNR»

While attacks of positions of forces ATO Russian-terrorist troops in the Donbas are a constant exploration combat formations of the Ukrainian troops at the tactical level, including using drones and means of electronic intelligence. About this in Facebook wrote coordinator of the group «IP» Dmitry tymchuk.

During the day the militants were shelling positions of the Ukrainian troops around n of the Sands, Experienced, southern outskirts of the Town – the fire was from the WCT and Spartacus (the Northern and Western parts), Yasynuvata junction, camps Fun, Gomunice, the Second site. In this case, the terrorists used, in addition to automatic small arms, mounted grenade launchers type AGS-17 and LNG-9, in the area of Sand was recorded twice using the enemy 82-mm mortars and one 120-mm mortars.

Deployed from the village of Michurin to Golovkovo, the militias continue to bombard strongholds of forces ATO in the area of Mayorsk, zaytsevo, as well as a reference point to the South-West of the village Jovanka. It is fired from an area North of the station small coal wastes items are, of 6-7 village, occupied by militants part of zaytsevo and Western suburbs n of Golmovsky. The terrorists are using 82-mm mortars, heavy machine guns and grenade launchers (AGS-17, SPG-9), recorded using ZU-23-2.

There is activation of militants in the coastal area. From the Western and South-Western outskirts of Kominternovo, from positions West of Zaichenko, from the Shanka came under heavy fire from machine guns, 82 mm mortars, a few times recorded fire from ZU-23-2. In kominternovo of the positions are 3 tanks and AFV group (several units of BMP-2) militants.

In Mospino recorded the armored group of terrorists (9 units of BMP-1,2, and 3 tanks) on the March in the direction of Donetsk. In the same area spotted 6-gun battery 122-mm SPG 2S1 «Carnation».

Rotation groups «LNR», are deployed across shchastya. The day of Lugansk in this area arrived 5 trucks with personnel and 6 units of BMP-1 and 2.

In «tank units» of the terrorists who are deployed across n Marinka, there is the replacement anti-tank missile complexes «Fagot» (control-by-wire, range of up to 2500 m) to more modern Russian ATGM «cornet» (with a laser beam with the target tracking system, range up to 5 500 m).

In the context of large-scale command and staff exercises in the «army corps» of terrorists, not involved in the exercises of the units of the «DNR» and the main part of the forces of the «LNR» brought into a state of high alert. At the same time the head of «DNR» signed «order No. 16» on the strengthening of firing positions of the Ukrainian troops in several areas on the sites where they operate form the «1-St of AK DNR». The main purpose of attacks is to provoke ATO forces to fire from heavy weapons, followed by the prosecution of Kyiv in gross violation of the Minsk agreements. According to the group IP, in the «order» provided such armed provocations in the area Gorlovka, Marinka, Kominternovo-Gnutovo, Kominternovo-Talakovka.

The delegation of the «Committee for security and defense of the people’s Council DND», headed by the head of the «Committee» Anatoly Koval B1 will soon visit Moscow for holding «consultations» with representatives of the presidential administration of the Russian Federation and the state Duma Committee on defense. The main purpose of «consultations» to discuss «the further development of mechanisms of interaction of» Russian «curators» to the management «DNR». In particular, the leaders of the «DNR» does not satisfy the decline and the disruption in supplies from the Russian Federation material-technical and financial «assistance» that occurs after the change «curators» and reformatting of the supply chain.

The management of «DNR» instructed «the Committee for TV and radio broadcasting «DNR» (head – Pavel Mikhalev) conduct emergency measures to prevent the Ukrainian broadcasting in the occupied territories of Donetsk region, as well as the expansion of television and radio broadcasting «DNR» and the Russian TV on the territory controlled by Ukraine. In the decree it is written that in case of need «the Committee» shall prepare an application to obtain from Russia the corresponding technical equipment. Now in Donetsk there are two controlled by the militants of the television centre:

1) Donetsk, Kuibyshev street, 61. On the territory of the center there are 3 independent telecommunication tower and 3 administrative buildings, which is the technological equipment, relay station, etc. Tower No. 1 is designed for installation of relay devices, tower No. 2 -for the installation of relay equipment, tower No. 3 — backup. Towers # 1 and # 3 currently not used. To optimize the consumption of electricity from the tower No. 1 was dismantled a powerful transmitter (1 kW), which now broadcasts TC «Union», and installed on the tower №2. Also on the tower №2 has radio transmitters that allow you to broadcast a radio signal on the territory of Donetsk oblast controlled by Ukraine following FM frequencies: 92,3, 96,1, 98,6, 99,0, 99,4, 100,0, 100,5 , 100,7, 101,2, 101,6, 102,0, 102,6, 104,1, 104,7, 105,5, 106,4, 106,8 107,6.

2) Donetsk, St Infantry. In the mentioned center is 1 telecommunication mast tower building (MTB) and 1 administrative building, which houses the manufacturing equipment. On MTV the specified center is equipped with a powerful television relay transmitters (10 kW — TK «Russia 24», 1 kWh TC «Union», 500 W — TC «Stronghold» and others: «Russia 1», «new Russia», «NTV», «TNT», «Star»), which allows you to broadcast Russian TV channels on the territory of Donetsk oblast controlled by Ukraine. On each of the sites installed a steam transformer system supply with a total capacity of about 1000 kW.

The militants 50 times per day opened fire: still hot in the area of Donetsk and Gorlovka 11.02.2016

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