The media talk of reshuffle in the «diamond of prosecutors». In GPU refute, and Sakvarelidze confirms

Prosecutors and investigators who investigated the case of former Deputy Chief of the investigation Department of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Vladimir Shapkina and former Deputy Prosecutor of Kyiv region Oleksandr Cornice, was fired from the Prosecutor General’s office.

About it reports «UKRINFORM» with reference to own sources.

At the same time, according to the press service of the Prosecutor General, the Prosecutor Vladislav Kutsenko denied information about the dismissal.

«The General Prosecutor’s office officially announces that none of the prosecutors and investigators of Prosecutor’s office who worked on the investigation into the so-called «diamond of prosecutors» — Cornice and Shapkina, not dismissed and remain in the state», he said.

Common information is a targeted campaign of disinformation of the society, added the press service.

However, later the Deputy Prosecutor General, the Prosecutor of Odessa region David Sakvarelidze confirmed the information on personnel shifts in the GPU associated with the «diamond of prosecutors».

«All our guys are employees of Geninspection, which was created by me in may last year in the General Prosecutor’s office, for the second week are outside the state,» he wrote on his Facebook page.

«I sincerely hope that the leadership of the GPU will be enough common sense and soon all of them will be reappointed to their posts, as had been agreed earlier,» — said Sakvarelidze.

He also said that waiting in Geninspection will give the unit that deals with issues of internal security.

«This will get it work, make it effective, to stop openly registered persecution of idealists who are not afraid to go against the system», — said the Deputy Prosecutor General.

«Still authorized the attorney General, or acting on behalf of the acting, to put it mildly take paradoxical decisions and violate me personally promise to reassign all recently created, updated, Department of General inspection», — he added.

«All signed the official report on the purpose of the investigators and prosecutors gave to the study of the internal security service, who reports directly to the attorney General, and is active work aimed at cleansing the system of bodies of Prosecutor’s office, provides constant pressure on all of our employees who participated in more or less high profile cases to apprehend corrupt prosecutors,» — said Sakvarelidze.

«It is absolutely clear that those people who still have powers in matters of appointment of those or other employees in the GPU, the idealists are not needed. What’s more — they see them as a threat,» he said.

«Unfortunately, they forget about one important fact — all these, do not be afraid this word, the characters who took the «diamond» and «daarbij» prosecutors are the people who need the new Ukraine!» — said the Prosecutor General.

«Neither I nor, I’m sure all the healthy part of society will not allow the vendetta! The victory will be ours!» he added.

Recall that in early July on suspicion in bribe extortion in especially large size was detained former Deputy Prosecutor of Kyiv region Oleksandr cornies and Deputy head of the Main investigation Department of the Prosecutor General Vladimir Shapkin.

During the search they had found a large sum of money and diamonds.

The Pechersky regional court of Kiev passed the decision on arrest of Cornice and Shapkina for two months with the possibility of introduction of pledge in the amount of 3.2 million USD. Shapkin made the necessary bail and was released from prison. Subsequently, the Kyiv court of Appeals increased the bail Capacino to 6.4 million UAH. He made and released from prison.

Cornies released from prison on July 31 after the Deposit in the sum of 3,2 million UAH.
On 22 October, the Pechersky district court of Kiev chose for Cornice the measure of restraint in the form of pledge in the amount of $ 3 million 45 thousand UAH (2500 times the minimum wage).

November 19, Pechersk district court of Kyiv rejected the petition of the Prosecutor’s office about taking Cornice into custody.

The media talk of reshuffle in the «diamond of prosecutors». In GPU refute, and Sakvarelidze confirms 24.02.2016

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