The media learned who was the third «saboteur» detained in Sevastopol

The third arrested on 9 November in the Crimea can be a member of the all-Ukrainian public organization «Association of veterans of intelligence of Ukraine», the captain 2 rank stock Vladimir Dudka. It is reported QirimInfo.

«In the media, published a list of detainees, which featured the name of the third detainee. > > > That the real name of the detainee is likely Dudka, said the journalist Alexander Jankowski in Facebook», — writes the edition.

The profile in the «Classmates» residents of Sevastopol with the name of the tune and the same initials as the detained third «saboteur».

His son after attempts to contact him blocked messages. Moreover the son of the detainee is not released on Thursday at work all day didn’t pick up. This was reported by his employer. Friends of the son of the tune also said that it was the second day in a row «does not contact».

The arrest of Vladimir Dudka confirmed QirimInfo other relatives.

According to information from open sources, he was captain of a electronic reconnaissance ship «Jupiter» in 1997 and 2001, and in 2013 became a member of the regional public reception office of the Minister of defence Pavel Lebedev in Sevastopol.

As reported, the FSB announced the arrest on 9 November of the next «subversive groups of the Ukrainian defense Ministry» in the occupied Sevastopol.

In turn, the Main intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian defense Ministry denied the statements of the FSB allegedly detained employees of Hur in the occupied Sevastopol. «This another fake Russian special services aimed at covering up its own acts of repression against the inhabitants of the Peninsula, and with the aim of discrediting Ukraine in the eyes of the international community», — added in intelligence.

Illegally attorney of a prisoner in Russia of the correspondent of «UKRINFORM» in France, Roman Sushchenko mark Feigin believes that the result of the detention of «saboteurs» in the Crimea may be the freezing of negotiations on the exchange of political prisoners.

November 10, a court in occupied Sevastopol was arrested two months three citizens of Ukraine for allegedly planning acts of sabotage.

The media learned who was the third «saboteur» detained in Sevastopol 11.11.2016

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