The media learned the details of the life of the eldest daughter of Putin

The media learned some details of the life of the eldest daughter of the President of the Russian Federation Maria Faassen, which earlier bore the name of Vorontsov. Faasen lives in Moscow in a gated house overlooking the U.S. Embassy and working as a graduate student at the Institute of pediatric endocrinology at the Endocrinology research center of the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation, writes The New Times.

As the newspaper notes, among the new settlers a seven-story building on Novinsky Boulevard near the U.S. Embassy was the young lady, to which the security guard in plain clothes respectfully appeal «Maria Vladimirovna». All the same the staff Death in secret told that her surname Vorontsov and before that she studied at Moscow state University. According to sources, before becoming Vorontsova, a former MSU student used the documents for a further four names.

In addition, judging by the photos online, the eldest daughter of Putin lives a very wealthy lady: travels a lot, rides his expensive yacht and hires overseas teachers. For example, the luxury yacht Aria in the company of friends as a student at Faassen took a cruise through the Mediterranean with stops in Monte Carlo, Italy, France and Spain. According to the Maritime register, the yacht was built in 1998 in San Lorenzo, and in 2011 renovated: 4 cabins for 9 guests, assigned to the Italian port of Sorrento, rent together with a crew of around 35 to 45 thousand euros a week (8170 Euro per day).

And in Japan, Maria, accompanied by an interpreter from Holland, took lessons in Japanese writing and dancing.

It is noted that Putin’s eldest daughter graduated from MSU in 2011 with honors. Supervisor of the student of M. V. Vorontsova was academician Ivan Ivanovich Dedov. Further — postgraduate Endocrinology research centre (ERC) of the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation, which was headed by the same Grandfathers. Soon the grandfather’s son appointed as a judge from the Russian Federation in the ECtHR, and the very Ivan Ivanovich was elected President of the RAMS (even though the academics did not support his candidacy — Ed.).

The media wrote that the eldest daughter of President is married to Dutch businessman by Jarritos Joosten Fassinou and bears his name. In Moscow, Faassen, who in 2004 graduated from University in Holland and graduated with a diploma in the field of construction business, came on 15 April 2006 «with the purpose of employment in OAO «Gazprom» — he wrote in one official document, which is available at the disposal of edition. In OAO Gazprom he started to work since 2007 in the position of «Director business development», — wrote Faassen. By this time he was already familiar with Maria: probably this explains his job in «Gazprom».

Judging by the posted in social networks of information in the life of the eldest daughter Putin on important things happened: she gave birth to a daughter and became a candidate of medical Sciences Maria Faassen. In addition, in collaboration with a senior researcher of the Endocrinology scientific centre of Maria Pankratova Maria Vladimirovna has published the monograph «Idiopathic short stature», which was published in the German publishing house Lambert Academic Publishing.

According to the Internet, Maria Vorontsova-Vaassen the wide and varied circle of acquaintances, it shows that the lamentations of coprophagy about «gay Europe», «acropolita» and enemies of NATO neither Maria nor her friends don’t listen.

With regard to the interests of Maria Vladimirovna, she is a fan of the films «the Matrix,» «dune», «Chocolate», English TV shows «Little Britain» (where light is also gay — Ed.) a list of favorite writers Hermann Hesse, Aldous Huxley , and «memoirs of a geisha» by Arthur Golden.

Previously, the Agency Reuters has published an investigation, which States that Putin’s daughter Katerina Tikhonova owns a fortune of billions of dollars.

The media learned the details of the life of the eldest daughter of Putin 01.02.2016

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