The media has named the best movies and shows to addicts

Fader publishing has published a list of the best films and shows of the Netflix service for drug addicts. Just got a selection of 17 projects.

Topped the rating of the documentary by German Director Werner Herzog «Into the thick» of 2016. The Director explores the phenomenon of volcanoes, accompanying the expedition scientist Clive Oppenheimer.

The second line is the fourth episode of the series «simple» the American filmmaker Joe swanberg — representative of the subgenre «mumblecore» which is characterized by naturalism and naturalness of the dialogues.

Closes the three leaders show «a Strange friendship» edition of National Geographic, in the center of the plot which affection that arose between individuals of different species, for example, between a turtle and a baby Hippo.

The collection also includes such projects as the sci-Fi picture «the Fly» 1958 teenage Romka «Lizzie Maguire», drama «Impurity», Thriller, the Coen brothers, «Barton Fink» and TV program «the twilight zone».

Previously, the magazine The Rolling Stone has compiled a ranking of the 20 best films of 2016. First place was taken by the musical «La La land» with Ryan Gosling and Emma stone, the world premiere of which took place in August 2016.
In January 2017 the musical «La La land» has won seven Golden globes.

The media has named the best movies and shows to addicts 11.02.2017

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