The media found out how to punish employers for refusing to raise the minimum salary

In Ukraine from January the minimum wage increased twice – up to 3200 UAH. As the Chairman of the Ukraine’s largest regional business Alliance Elena Eremenko, not every entrepreneur has the opportunity to all staff to raise official wages to a minimum of 3,200 USD. As a result, the business have to transfer hired employees at half rate, or not to fire. The media found out how and who will validate the business and which threatens «unfair» to employers, writes «Segodnia».

The government established a special inter-Ministerial group headed by the Vice Prime Minister Pavlo Rozenko, who will monitor the implementation of the decision on increasing the minimal salary. Such groups soon earn in all areas, their main task is to respond to complaints of employees on their leadership.

In the «response team» will include local officials, representatives of the fiscal service, the Public service labour.

«Not to get into a one-sided situation, when the decisions of the President, Parliament, government and other government agencies, we are improving the welfare of citizens, and the business meeting is not, in fact, a preventive approach is the creation of working groups that will monitor the process of payment of minimum wages,» – quotes the head of Rostrud Novel Czarnego the press service of the Ministry.

Unknown at this time how to complain to the employer working group. However, Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman promises to create «communication opportunities».

«I want to assure you that I will ensure that every employer properly to evaluate the work of a hired employee. Nothing, if the business owner earns a little less money and its employees will receive much more. This should be the logic of our actions,» – said the Prime Minister.

To monitor the situation and will also be in the Pension Fund (PF). As explained in the press service of the Department if, after analyzing the data of the register of payers of social tax, will be identified inaccurate information, the Pension Fund may require the «fix». Also information about violations of the PF will be transferred to the tax and State statistics service.

«Between the Pension Fund of Ukraine, State fiscal service of Ukraine and the State service of Ukraine on labour issues will be the exchange of information on data that contain signs of use of work of not properly executed workers and violations of labour legislation», – reported in a press-Department service.

Local authorities can verify compliance of the labour law not only at communal, but also private enterprises. Payroll taxes are the main revenue, not only PF, but also local budgets, therefore, as suggested in the Cabinet, local government is interested in curbing the violations.

«The jurisdiction of the Executive bodies of city councils include: the exercise of control over observance of legislation on labour and employment, as well as imposing financial sanctions (penalties) for violation of legislation on labour and employment of the population», – stated in the law on local self-government.

As the practice leader to resolve conflicts and disputes JUSCUTUM Anton Kuts, employers are required to pay wages at the level not below the minimum. If this requirement is not met, businessmen threaten large fines.

«The state sets the level of minimum wages and the obligation to control the business in this matter. All are required to pay not less than established. Today, many enterprises officially pay employees the minimum level. The higher the level of minimal salary, the more taxes will be collected by the state. Because the non-payment of wages can cause serious problems ranging from administrative responsibility, criminal ending. In the case of administrative responsibility, violators mostly face fines. But criminal liability – this is serious: to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years», – said the lawyer.

If the employer refused to admit to the company of the inspector, the «criminal» will have to pay a penalty of up to three minimal wages (from January 1 – UAH 9600).

But if the objective of the audit is to find the unregistered employee or «shadow» wages — employer who didn’t let inspectors face a fine up to 100 minimal wages (from January 1 320 000 hryvnia).

«The bill will affect the labour market, including increase the level of wages, will lead to denaturization income from employment», – the document says.

In the past year for each unregistered employee was threatened with a fine in the amount of 43.5 thousand UAH (30 times the minimum wage), after growth in the minimal salary for the same offence will have to pay 96 thousand hryvnias. The same fine is put in the case if the employee is furnished at half rates, and in fact works full-time.

If the employer does not pay for additional work at night and on weekends, you will have to pay a fine of 10 minimum wages – 32 thousand hryvnia. If wages are detained, the entrepreneur will have to pay a fine in the amount of 9.6 thousand.

Recall, October 31, Volodymyr Groysman assured that the government draft state budget for 2017 already has tools for double «minimal».

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on the night of December 21, adopted the government-drafted state budget for 2017 with a deficit of 3% and inherent growth of the economy is also 3% and a doubling of minimum wage to RS 3200 instead of 1600 UAH.

Note, some experts believe that raising the minimum wage to 3 200 UAH will lead to automatic growth of the tax base, although the tax rate will not change.

The media found out how to punish employers for refusing to raise the minimum salary 24.01.2017

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