The «mayor» of the occupied miner became «aunt» and henchman Girkin

The militants appointed «mayor» of the city of Shakhtersk Alex shvydkii in the days of the revolutionary events of February 2014 we went to Kiev as «aunts» and participated in the beating of Maidan activists. And in the spring of 2014, after the beginning of fighting in the Donbass, fought on the side of the Russian terrorist Igor strelkov and stole mine explosives to use to blow up Ukrainian soldiers.

About it shvydkii said in an interview with a former Ukrainian journalist Alexander Chalenko, who now lives and works in Russia, the «Fourth estate», referring to the separatist informresurs.

Shvydkyi said that before the war he worked as a coalminer and has ten years of experience in the mine. According to him, the war began for him back in Kyiv, where he along with other athletes brought to crack down on protesters.

According to Shvydkoi, the opponents of Yanukovych managed to win because representatives «Party of regions» were not strong enough and did not give the order to destroy the activists of the Maidan.

According to the current «mayor» of mining, after the Maidan’s victory, he, along with a group of residents of Shakhtersk joined the group of Russian militants Igor strelkov, who came to Donetsk region from the Russian territory and captured Slavyansk. He handed over a hunting rifle.

Shvydkyi said that of the 360 people who came to Shakhtersk with him, survived only 153. The rest were killed or missing. He shvydkii regularly traveled from Slavyansk Shahtersk in the mine for explosives for the militants.

Also, the former «aunt» said that he was disappointed in Strilkove after he left Slavyansk, and said that Slavyansk was necessary to hold to the end, but the Shooters got cold feet and ran away.

We will remind, in the beginning of February the leader «DNR» Alexander Zakharchenko was appointed as «mayor» temporarily occupied Yasinovataya Paul Gubarev. However, the people of the ex-head of a battalion «East» Alexander Khodakovsky ran him out of town a Gubareva.

The «mayor» of the occupied miner became «aunt» and henchman Girkin 29.02.2016

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