The mayor of Starobelsk shot shot in the neck and head

The mayor of Starobelsk, Luhansk oblast Volodymyr Jivago killed with two gunshots, the investigation is considering different versions of the crime. About this «Ukrainian truth» has informed on Tuesday the head of Department of communication of the Main Directorate of the National police in the Luhansk region Tatyana Pogukai.

«Currently the results of the autopsy established that the death of Vladimir Nikolaevich Zhivago was caused by a gunshot wound to the head and neck», — she said.

«Seized two bullets of calibre of 9 millimetres. This fact brought in the Unified register of pre-judicial decisions under article «premeditated murder,» adds Bogucki.

According to her, practiced different versions, including homicide related to political activities of the victim, a domestic homicide and associated with economic activity.

Vladimir Givaga was born 14 December 1971 in Starobilsk. He was a member of the «Party of regions» from which he was elected to the Luhansk oblast Council.

He served as mayor from October 2015 after the regional elections, which was put forward from party «Our land».

Known at the conference, which was organized by the political project of Victor Medvedchuk «the Ukrainian choice», in December 2013 stated that «Federalism is the future of Ukraine».

Published on the website of the «Ukrainian choice» (the last note dated 12 September 2014) and on the website «Chronicles of Starobelsk».

On the day of death on this portal, he published a particularly critical article in a local enterprise which is engaged in garbage removal.

The mayor of Starobelsk shot shot in the neck and head 23.02.2016

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