The mayor of Chernihiv declared watches in platinum and gold, and the head of luck — shares-5 million

The city Chairman of Chernigov Vladislav Atroshenko is the owner of a wrist collection men’s watches with a total value of 3.7 million UAH.

The mayor of the regional center stated in its Declaration.

The mayor of Lutsk Romaniuk holds shares in «PrivatBank» and 2.5 million in cash

The collection includes 5 hours of famous brands Breguet Marine, Girard Perregaux Tourbillons, Patek Philippe, made of platinum, white and rose gold. The most valuable watch (TM Breguet (tourbillon) with Skeleton) worth 1.2 million UAH are the exclusive model.

Other family income Atroshenko (the mayor and his wife) include the 7 plots of land in Chernihiv and Kyiv regions, 4 houses, 3 apartments, 3 garages, one office and 2 car. In addition, Vladislav Atroshenko owns investment certificates of 4 companies, shares of 13 companies and is the ultimate beneficial owner of the 13, OOO and private enterprises.

We will remind that the mayor of Kharkiv Gennady Kernes was also a connoisseur of hours, he declared them 11, but did not specify the cost. Among its hours are the instances of such status brands such as Rolex, Cedrik Johner, Audemars Piguet.

The mayor of Lutsk Romaniuk holds shares in «PrivatBank» and 2.5 million in cash

Mayor of Lutsk Mykola Romaniuk filed electronically putting income in 2015 $ 259,729 thousand UAH.

It is stated in the Declaration posted on the website of the National Agency for prevention of corruption.

According to the Declaration, the income of the mayor in 2015 consisted of: salary for main job – 156,671 and 103,058 thousand UAH thousand UAH of dividends.

In the Declaration, the mayor stated 4 land: in zmiinets ‘ Lutsk district (total area of 4,527 sq. m.), 2 plots in the village of Millers Shatsky district (73 of 420 sq. m respectively), the plot in Kopachivka area of 1.2 thousand sq. m.

Also on the property Romaniuk 2 apartments in Lutsk (79 and 58 sq m), apartment of 74 sqm in Ivano-Frankivsk, a house in zmiinets’, as well as the country house of 120 square meters in Kopachivka.

The Declaration of the mayor among members of the family listed only his wife – Maria Romaniuk, information about other family members missing.

According to the Declaration, the mayor’s wife in 2015 have not received any cash income.

She is the owner of a residential building, an area of 53.7 sq. m., three apartments (79,1, 74,5 and 55.7 sq m) and the country house – 120 sq. m.

In addition, in its property are two plots of land, the area of which 1.2 thousand and 2.8 thousand sq. m. vehicles not owned Maria.

The nominal value of securities owned by the mayor’s wife, is 25 UAH.

In 2011, the mayor purchased a SUV Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2003 model year.

On account of «PrivatBank» in Romaniuk 1,055 million. Of this amount 56,379 thousand UAH were invested in the reporting year.

Cash the mayor has 2.5 million, 98 thousand dollars. and 25 million euros.

The nominal value of securities owned by the filer of shares of PJSC CB «PrivatBank» on 5,358 million UAH, JSC SKF Ukraine by 2.5 UAH.

His wife owns shares of OJSC «Lutsk furniture factory» 500 UAH PJSC «Volodymyr-Volyns’kyi cannery» — 25 UAH.

The debt of the mayor: voluntary insurance – 22,739 thousand UAH, and non-state pension provision – 8, 4 ths.

For the maintenance of the property Romaniuk spent 19,923 thousand UAH.

In 2015, the mayor repaid the loan and interest on it on 1,155 million.

Recall, October 30 at 00:00 was the deadline for filing tax returns for 2015 in electronic form (e-declarations). In particular, the President Poroshenko made his Declaration an hour before the deadline.

Seven MPs to file their e-return is not in time: Alexander Onishchenko, Vyacheslav Boguslayev and Anatoliy girshfeld (all three parliamentary group «people’s Will»), Igor Shkirya («Renaissance»), Yuriy-Bohdan Shukhevych (RPL), Maria Matios (PPB), Sergei Klyuyev (the faction «Opposition bloc»).

In addition to Shukhevych and Matios, these individuals previously were part of the Party of regions, a Onishchenko, and Klyuyev is wanted and are hiding abroad (first he says he lives in London; on the second media reported that he was in Russia).

Regarding Shukhevych in RP today announced that the MP is blind and has no possibility to fill the Declaration independently.

The mayor of Chernihiv declared watches in platinum and gold, and the head of luck — shares-5 million 01.11.2016

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