The Malanka dumplings, wax figures and the glasses portend the fate of the Ukrainians and generous year

Traditionally in Ukraine the Malanka on January 13 girls and Housewives wondering – for marriage, good fortune, generous year.

As noted by «news of Poltava», the most common ways – the dumplings, wax figures, and pieces of paper.

Here are 5 «most popular» method of divination during this festive period.

1. Porridge:

For Breakfast the hostess cooked any porridge. After boiling, looked at the foam. If the red and thick – will yield and talented daughter. White and liquid — to be trouble. A good porridge Breakfast. The bad was thrown into the river.

2. For the dumplings:

The dumplings were placed surprises. Flour — flours, beans for children, button — to update,
sugar’s life in the coming year sweet, salt — not pepper — a life of spice
thread – to the road.

By the way, in the regions of Ukraine the value of surprises may vary.

3. On wax:

With a knife shot with a little candle wax, warmed in a spoon over a candle, make a wish. Poured the wax in a bowl with cold water and see what symbols come out. Every girl interpret these symbols differently. You can consider the first letter of the estate of her spouse.

4. Paper messengers:

On paper strips write the important events: wedding, birth of a child, money, meeting, moving, job changes and so on. The strips were placed on the edge of the bowl with water. In half a walnut shell put a little candle and took to the water. Waited until she sailed to the paper. Event, written on the note was to be held next year.

5. Divination in the glass:

Take 4 cups of that to half filled with water. First put the salt, and the second sugar; and on the third ring and the fourth nothing. One girl in the hands of the tray holding the cups and moved them. The other was behind his back and guessed the glass. Salt water – sad, sweet success, fresh – normal year, ring – a wedding or a meeting with the betrothed.

On the evening of 13 January, on New year’s eve, old style, Ukrainians traditionally celebrate Christmas eve (a Generous Christmas pudding), or the feast of Melenki. The name in the folk tradition — Melenki, Malanka, Milanka — the holiday was because the Julian calendar used by Eastern Orthodox Christians, at 31 December accounts for the day of Saint Melania the Roman, who lived in Rome in the IV-V centuries.

Malanka Ukrainians have many traditions. The main Nativity scene with Goat, Basil and Malanka. The houses played their wedding. Instead of icons «brides» was blessed chimney damper, and a rolling pin. In hands they held candlesticks of corn. Band of Malankara brought the broom and around the house throwing it the garbage. Oven washed with water, and the walls are whitewashed with chalk. The hosts were not to be offended. Because if in this day someone would quarrel or fight, so it will be all year.

The Malanka dumplings, wax figures and the glasses portend the fate of the Ukrainians and generous year 14.01.2017

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