The London court ordered Akhmetov Firtash to pay $760 million for the «Ukrtelecom» — the media

The London court ordered the SCM group of Ukrainian businessman Rinat Akhmetov to pay $760 million for the purchase of «Ukrtelecom» from the Cypriot company Raga Establishment Ltd, which may be the owner of group DF Dmitry Firtash. It is reported «LigaBusinessInform» with reference to the materials of the court.

According to the publication, in 2011, the state sold 92,79% of stocks «Ukrtelecom» company ESU, a subsidiary company of the Austrian Fund EPIC. Raga Establishment Ltd (formerly Epic Telecom Invest Ltd) bought the Telecom operator of the Fund EPIC and resold it in 2013, Akhmetov for $860 million, but received of this amount, only $100 million.

According to the court, during the initial negotiations for potential purchase of «Ukrtelecom» in 2012, it became known that approximately 25% of the shares of the operator owned the then first Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Valeriy Khoroshkovsky, and the remaining 75% – Firtash.

Later Khoroshkovsky sold his shares to the owner of the DF – and that became the absolute holder of shares of «Ukrtelecom», the newspaper writes.

Version of the Raga, Firtash was only a creditor of the Fund EPIC and now, therefore, wants to return the money invested.

26 June 2017 of the London arbitration on the claim Raga ordered SCM to pay extra for «Ukrtelecom» $760 million the court dismissed the counterclaims of the company Akhmetov on termination of the contract on purchase «Ukrtelecom».

27 December 2017 the District court of Nicosia (Cyprus) decided to freeze the assets of Akhmetov in the amount of $820 million in the case of termination payments for «Ukrtelecom». The same decision, the businessman is forbidden to spend more than €20 thousand per month.

January 8, SCM filed an appeal against the freezing of assets Akhmetov.

The London court ordered Akhmetov Firtash to pay $760 million for the «Ukrtelecom» — the media 12.01.2018

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