The lists Savchenko found deserters. Your No. 1 in the «Fatherland» she called «dogovornyak»

Non-faction people’s Deputy Hope Savchenko announced an updated version of its own list of Ukrainian and Russian prisoners of war and missing persons. As in past times, it lists there are both Ukrainians and Russian military and civilian, caught in a Ukrainian prison for crimes against Ukraine. New data policies posted on Facebook.

Savchenko relations with Tymoshenko: «It was a simple dogovornyak»
Lyashko’s radical party does not believe in captivity Savchenko: skin color gave

«Updated list for January 22, 2017. With the additional information.

For everyone who applies: if you want to be able to establish the possible whereabouts or to find out what happened with your family, give complete information in order to be able to navigate in which direction to look for them,» wrote at this Savchenko.

She also said that in these lists there are 1195 people.

«There is still a list 2284 people missing, which specifies the requests to the appropriate authorities,» — said Savchenko.

As reported by the official representative of the headquarters ATO Col., in the list of prisoners from Savchenko, there are persons suspected of desertion.

We are talking about Alexander Anatolyevich the Ishchuk, Anatoly Mykolayovych Kucher, Vladislav A. Loktionov and Oleg Olegovich Yakunin.

«These four soldiers in different periods under different circumstances deserted from the Armed forces of Ukraine, and then found their way there (on the uncontrolled territory of Ukraine — ed.)», — quoted a military «Gromadske radio».

As stated previously adviser to the head of security service of Ukraine Yury tandit, their data on prisoners Savchenko could get from the Russian-terrorist forces.

He stressed that SBU no lists Savchenko not provided.

«We have not given the lists Savchenko, although, of course, we will deal with it. The lists, which it says may have moved, but not by us, but by the representatives of ORDO,» said Tandem.

In addition, he said that Savchenko not help in the liberation of the Ukrainian hostages.

Savchenko relations with Tymoshenko: «It was a simple dogovornyak»

The parliamentarian says that is not offended by Yulia Tymoshenko and the party «Batkivshchyna» because she was expelled from their ranks. And this despite the fact that in the last parliamentary elections, it was under No. 1 in the electoral list of the political forces.

«I can’t say that there were some relations with the BYUT and Tymoshenko, and now the relationship is gone. What could be the relations in politics? It was a simple fixed — said Savchenko in an interview with «Phrase», he said. — «Yes, conscious (fixed — ed.), my — no.»

As for the future of the political future, Savchenko has not decided how she sees it. To join the political movement of ex-head of the Odessa regional state administration , Mikheil Saakashvili, called «movement of new forces» is not in a hurry.

«We have each something is trying to do. But we have a problem: everyone is talking about the same thing and no one can hear. So we have a lot of problems, which are unable to unite. I don’t think we need to create 130 thousand new parties. I think we need to come together in a new force that will unite people around the idea,» — said Savchenko.

What should be the idea, the MP clearly could not explain, began to talk about the amendments to the Constitution.

Lyashko’s radical party does not believe in captivity Savchenko: skin color gave

There is every reason to believe that the Deputy Savchenko not actually sat in a Russian prison, and her high-profile statement about Crimea going with the flow of the Kremlin. Such opinion on air of the «»Browser. LIVE» was expressed by MP from the Radical party Igor Mosiychuk.

«That was written by my colleague Andrei Lozovoi, he said in the first day of Nadiya Savchenko appeared in Parliament. Yes, and I was surprised at the color of her skin. I was in prison for 2.5 years, in conditions which, in theory, should be much softer than those which were Savchenko. When I was released in February 2014, I was white as a sheet of paper on your Desk. Why? Sun. When she came into Parliament, the color of the skin was normal. The feeling that she was not kept in closed prison conditions,» — said Mosiychuk.

As he stated, a lot of questions from politicians, companies and journalists is the fact that in Russian prisons there are many Ukrainian political prisoners, but no such attention as was the case Savchenko. No hype. Surprise and statements of Hope, in which she calls upon to give the Crimea to Russia.

«These questions overlap of its application. Take the last one. It was preceded by an article by oligarch Pinchukthat the Crimea should be given to take the Donbass. Then there was the statement of Henry Kissinger, who is also inclined, we know who. The essence of this statement was to ensure the same: Crimea should give to take back the Donbass. And a similar statement advocates Hope Savchenko. I have a question: the author of these statements do not accidentally sitting in the Kremlin, and not one and the same? Because they are in tune with… In the case of Savchenko, they are not calculated. As they say in Russia: «Tell the fool to pray to God – he will break his forehead» — said Mosiychuk.

But, according to the MP, the assessment of the actions and statements of Hope Savchenko should not give politicians and journalists, and relevant services.

«It is my assumption, as the policy assumptions of the public, journalists, but specific issues have to bet security Service and the Prosecutor General’s office. All! The question of Savchenko for me is closed», — he concluded.

Before this «radical» Lozove on the page shared their thoughts on what the Deputy Savchenko not sitting in a Russian prison. In his opinion, the Russian security services specifically made her a heroine.

«There is every reason to believe that Savchenko not actually in prison, and all this was a performance staged in Moscow. They, unfortunately, were able to deceive us and our own hands to make her a heroine, a Martyr,» said the MP.

In particular, it confuses skin color Savchenko after her release from prison — in his words, it is not like skin color sitting in jail man. «The person sitting even in relatively normal conditions, still receives less sunlight and, consequently, vitamin E. the skin is pathologically pale, and takes a long time,» explained willow.

In addition, the suspicions he aroused the broadcasting of trials. «As for the other prisoners of the Kremlin — to stream no one is not allowed. Someone saw the broadcast of trials of Mykola Karpyuk, Klahom Stas, Oleg Sentsov, Alexander Kolchenko and the others?» he said.

From this, the MP finds that his colleague Savchenko wrote to the Russian intelligence services in order to become the mouthpiece of the ideas of the Kremlin in the Ukrainian Parliament. «I think it was held somewhere in a sanatorium or in a safe house of the FSB and just brought to the courts in order to perform actions of this play and heroes of Savchenko in the eyes of the Ukrainian and international community. Now — the sequel to theatrical performances. Hope rips off the mask and convince the world that war is an internal conflict, not the Russian aggression against Ukraine. And this is the main thesis of the Moscow propaganda on the information front», — said willow.

It is worth mentioning that the first similar statement in the spring of 2016 — that is, before Savchenko was to be released from captivity — were made by the writer Oksana Zabuzhko. In her opinion, promotion Savchenko was involved in the FSB and the presidential Administration of the Russian Federation and those responsible for this «project» was personally Vladislav Surkov.

As stated Zabuzhko at the expense of Savchenko, «the girl… was involved in a scary satanic game».

The lists Savchenko found deserters. Your No. 1 in the «Fatherland» she called «dogovornyak» 23.01.2017

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