The liquidation of UTR

The Ministry of information policy of the Ukrainian state eliminated broadcasted channel «UTR», which was created by the «Multimedia platform broadcasting of Ukraine». This was reported on the website of the Ministry.

It is noted that the Minister of information policy Yuriy stets in late December signed a decree on the elimination of MORNING, in pursuance of the Law «On foreign broadcasting system of Ukraine» and to save state funds.

«Notice that the liquidation process is long, therefore a full inventory, there is an analysis that translates that charged. At the same time, MIP (Ministry of information politici — ed.) to control the liquidation process, violated the rights of employees», — commented the Deputy Minister Artem Bidenko.

Recall that the launch of the «Multimedia platform broadcasting of Ukraine» took place on 1 October 2015. Is satellite TV channel UTR broadcast launched channel UA/TV. He broadcast from three satellites: Amos 3, Azerspace 1, Galaxy 19, as well as online on its own YouTube channel.

UA/TV broadcast in Moldova, Estonia, Azerbaijan, Poland, Denmark, Israel, Georgia, Latvia. 2017 will also see in France. In December on channel U/TV started the Crimean Tatar editorial office. While her live takes half an hour, but in the future it is planned to increase up to one hour.

The liquidation of UTR 06.01.2017

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