The lions received a plot of land for construction waste recycling plant

In Yavoriv district of Lviv region Lviv allocated land for the construction of the complex for disposal and recycling. This was stated by the head of Lviv regional state administration Oleg sinyutka, informs «Tsenzornet».

«Today signed a decree on the transfer of the Lviv municipal enterprise «Syrenka» construction of a complex for recycling of solid waste. Session of the Lviv city Council should take this land in communal property,» he said.

According to him, this plot was planned to build a garbage incineration plant.

«This site was chosen mayor of the city. I believe that this site is one of the best for the construction of a plant for the disposal of municipal solid waste (MSW). If we will go about the construction of a new landfill, I am totally against, because we already have an example of Grabovica. If we are talking about the construction of the plant for processing solid waste, it is considered that the bulk and activists are sensitive to this, because it is a problem not only in Lviv, but in the settlements,» the official added.

Problems with garbage removal from Lviv have been going on for several months. May 29, 2016 in the village of Velyki hrybovychi where is Lviv landfill, the fire started. The fire was soon extinguished, but the next day, a landslide occurred and under the rubble were four people — three rescuers and the employee of the municipal enterprise. The bodies of three of those people are found, and the fourth body could not be found.

SEL Great Grabovica after the incident, banned the lions take out the trash to the dump. After that, the city began to export waste to various landfills in the region and other regions.

The lions received a plot of land for construction waste recycling plant 31.01.2017

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