The leaders of Catalonia convince Brussels to support a referendum on independence

Katalansk ldere vddl Brussels s meta to sniti poltico Patrico for the holding of the referendum about Nezalezhnist, yaky stink planuoti organsaving in this year. About TSE powders Euobserver.

«Nine have weren 2017 rock Catalonia. obov askavi a referendum about Nezalezhnist» — said the President Catalon Carles Pujdeme have swoa wystup on zahod in Preparement.

For parmacy itslogo katanskogo of predstavnika, Putteman VDDA Brussels s VCE-President Oral Junkerism menstrum zakordonnih Ref Raul Romeva in sprab vkljuciti Catalonia have evropeiskii order Denny.

VIN stating scho hochut katalansk separatist dwellers h voice CCB pochuti in ºC, Bo, as a rule, spanski Uryadov ostanovlyu umovi Debats.

«TSE evropeiska problem. I Єvropa. digitise in NSW,» saying lder Catalan.

Podomatic scho Putteman, Junkers Romeva not performed oftiny peregovorov s oftime persons ºC, ale svetalisa have Preparement for patrickou ºC schodo referendum. Nadu about those scho vneslo Cisco spanski Uryadov Prime politichny dialogue that sdisney dodatkowe golosuvannya schodo tsogo.

Nagado, President Catalan Carles Pujdeme pooba to hold a referendum about Nezalezhnist from Span Zgoda from the ABO without zgodi Central Uryadov.

As spanski Prem courier-Ministr Mariano Rajoy categorically vacinov mozliwosci holding whether yakogo referendum in Catalan schodo vdden from Span.

Have groudn 2016 rock Konstitutsii court Span monophonic Shvalev the request Uryadov country, resupinate do two resolutions to the Parliament Catalan schodo holding of the referendum about Nezalezhnist pronz at 2017 year.

Papered opituvannya population Catalan waboose 9 Listopad 2014. Have Golovan took the fate of about 2 million Catalans. More Yak 80% itelf region positively wapuli on zapitannya «Chi VI want dwellers Catalonia to become a state?», and also, Razi stvenno and answers on the first, the other zapitannya: «Chi VI want dwellers tsya power Bula square?».

The leaders of Catalonia convince Brussels to support a referendum on independence 25.01.2017

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