The leader of the militants in the white house begging to be killed «sophisticated»

The brigade commander of the terrorists of the «Vostok» Alexander Khodakovsky believes that he can make an attempt. The terrorist made the comments in his blog, TV channel «24».

«When it comes to the option of «Brain — Dremov» (field commanders of militants «LNR» already eliminated «her» — ed.), do not resort to the methodology that was applied: I travel densely populated neighborhoods. Resort to a more refined way», — he wrote.

In an interview with = «date» he told me that allegedly does not know who «removed» Pavel Dremov and Alexei Brain. The terrorist said that the assassination is not afraid.

«Some write that I was asked to deal more gracefully with me and the other misinterpreted the meaning as such. Naturally, I moved through the streets of Donetsk. Naturally, any erosion, explosion, establishing a directional explosive device or bomb will affect and relate to the masses of people around. So I’m in this somewhat ironic way, and suggested to implement the idea, if it occurs, more so graceful and less harmful way to others,» — said Khodakovsky.

Kombat fighters added that he sees a potential threat to my life, because it is quite possible to predict. But noted that no one has reported this as a deliberate action in the near future.

Earlier the security Service of Ukraine reported that the Russian security services are preparing the murder of Khodakovsky. Prior to that, Russian security forces have conducted several operations to eliminate the leaders of the militants.

The leader of the militants in the white house begging to be killed «sophisticated» 25.02.2016

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