The lawyer was able to visit the «saboteur» Panova in Lefortovo

The lawyer of the arrested in the annexed Crimea and moved to Moscow «Ukrainian saboteur» Evgenia Panova was able to visit his client in a Moscow jail Lefortovo.

It is reported by the Crimean human rights group.

«The lawyer Evgenia Panova Olga Dinze November 29 was able to visit his client in jail Lefortovo (Moscow)», — stated in the message.

According to the Crimean human rights group, after Evgeny Panov of the detention center of Simferopol was transferred to Moscow, his lawyers in Russia Olga and Dmitry Dinze.

«Lawyers tried to visit a Ukrainian, but they were hampered by what they submitted complaints. November 29, according to relatives, Olga Dinze was able to visit his client. At the meeting with Yevgeniy Panov in the infirmary, she spent 5 hours. However, to talk about the content of the interview, the lawyer can not, because earlier investigators took from it a subscription about nondisclosure of secrecy of the investigation», — told the human rights organization.

As reported, the Ukrainian gentry was detained admingranitse in the Crimea in August 2016 on charges of organizing acts of sabotage. At the same time, was detained and subsequently arrested Andrew Sahta, Redvan Suleymanov and Mr Perisic. In total, from August 2016, the FSB arrested at least 10 people in the case of the so-called «Ukrainian terrorists.»

The lawyer was able to visit the «saboteur» Panova in Lefortovo 30.11.2016

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