The lawyer Saakashvili said that taking samples of voices policy could only for examination, and it is already completed

The Prosecutor shall not request the Netherlands to take samples of the voice of the leader of the party «movement novih forces» of Mikhail Saakashvili, as a voice expertise in his business completed. This broadcast channel NewsOne February 24, said the lawyer of the politician Ruslan Chernolutsky.

«When I hear such statements, I feel that there is not only the attorney General has no legal education, but with all the other. How can you make such statements or queries when sampling voices is an auxiliary procedure that is used during the examination. And they have completed it. When investigative or expert actions are not carried out, sampling of votes is nonsense,» – said the lawyer.

He noted that Saakashvili himself may decide to provide samples of voice or no.

5 Dec 2017 Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko declared that Saakashvili has received from Russia about $500 thousand for financing meetings with the aim to overthrow the government in Ukraine. According to the head of the GPU, in addition to the seizure of power, the purpose of the leader of the «Movement novih forces» the termination of the criminal proceedings against fugitive businessman Sergei Kurchenko and the restoration of its control over assets in Ukraine.

The speaker of the public Prosecutor Larisa Sargan on 29 December said that examination confirmed the authenticity of the votes Saakashvili and Kurchenko, recorded for posterity the Ukrainian law enforcement authorities. Commenting on the results of voice examination, Saakashvili said that he had not committed any crime.

12 Feb 2018 employees of the state border service and State migration service of Ukraine I detained Saakashvili in Kyiv restaurant «Suluguni». Later in the state border service reported that Saakashvili was expelled to Poland as a person who illegally arrived in the territory on 10 September 2017.

On 14 February the former President of Georgia arrived in the Netherlands. The authorities handed him the ID.

Deputy Prosecutor General Yevhen Yenin said that the Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine asks the law enforcement agencies of the Netherlands to take samples of votes from Saakashvili to investigation in Ukraine the criminal proceedings.

The lawyer Saakashvili said that taking samples of voices policy could only for examination, and it is already completed 25.02.2018

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