The lawyer Korban said that Kolomoisky is not able to release his partner, and commented on attempts at their exclusion from the list of the PPB

Co-owner of Dnipropetrovsk leading financial and industrial group «Privat», the multi-billionaire and former head of the Dnipropetrovsk regional state administration Igor Kolomoisky not left in the lurch his former Deputy and business partner, head of the political party «DILL» Gennady Korban, but to just release him.

On 2 February 2016, said the lawyer, policy Andriy Bogdan, transfers «Ukrainian truth».

Answering the question of whether Kolomoisky affect the trial of the Korban, the lawyer replied:

«I think not. Kolomoisky can pick up the phone and tell the person «let Go Korban»? Hardly».

At the same time, Bogdan, who lately became famous also due to the fact that is next on the list of Block Petro Poroshenko (PPO) for passing to the Verkhovna Rada, does not believe that criminal prosecution of the Korban in any way connected with his personal prospects as a future member of Parliament.

«Kolomoysky has not renounced the Korban. The only thing I don’t think my mandate is part of those negotiations, in connection with act No. 3700. It makes no sense to agree that you can solve by passing the law,» he said.

According to him, the problem with the mandate it can get if someone from the PPB will leave Happy, arose long before Bohdan became a lawyer Korban.

«As far as I know the situation, the issue has started to raise last spring. The list was creeping up to me. Many didn’t want,» said he.

According to him, is no stranger to the President Petro Poroshenko that it «knows very well and easily identifies».

«I have some small conflicts, and perhaps misunderstanding on the part of some deputies from BPP. But with the party leadership or the President of the conflict I have. Rather, it is not my conflict. It’s a conflict my former Manager, Kolomoisky, with whom I very closely identify, lay on a separate conflict with Gennady Korban, a lawyer who I are today,» said Bogdan.

To the question why the situation with its possible entry into Parliament has become so acute now, Bogdan said:

«The Cabinet of Ministers. But also silly. If someone from the Parliament passes in the Cabinet, this man can not years to put Deputy powers, as was the case with the appointment of Roman Nasirov (head SFS – ed.)».

Bogdan says that in any negotiations that he renounced his mandate, he does not participate, but he was asked on what terms he is willing to do it.

«Me out through a friend of a friend and asked on what terms I will agree», — he told.

Note that act No. 3700 or so called journalists «the law on dictatorship of party leaders», will allow leaders of parties to edit previously approved by the CEC party lists, which change only during the next parliamentary elections. In particular, this view is held by the people’s Deputy Serhiy Leshchenko.

He also believes that law No. 3700 taken specifically against Bogdan, he reported on 2 February in Facebook.

«The law on dictatorship party leaders already 18 (!) try to include in the agenda of the Rada. Today there were five (!) futile attempts. The law allows you to clean the «tail» of the party list (i.e., those who did not pass in Parliament). It is a violation of the logic of elections with closed lists, because people vote for the whole list, not for specific persons. He chooses his party because he likes the first list number, others because he likes the number 100 list.

The purpose of the law is to remove from the list of the PPB lawyer Korban.

When a year and a half ago Bogdan was included in the list of the PPB, it was «okay», because dogovornyak with Kolomoisky (say, backed up by two «Lemmy» hard currency). Now with Kolomoisky war — so I want to remove Bogdan, because of that, none of the parties is not the PPO can go to work in the government (and in yesterday’s list of candidates proposed BPP is five of such members). After all, if one of the parties will lay down the mandate, Bogdan will become a member. So again and again trying to take the act No. 3700.

I think Kolomoysky and Korban evil, and nobody can suspect me of sympathy for him. Recently I became involved in one anti-PSNI performance Kolomoisky, which he played in Austria. And knows the President personally Poroshenko. But I also think it is unacceptable to carry out cleaning party lists retroactively. And to make laws under one person.

I think attempts to push through this law will be taken further. Will do everything I can to not let that happen » — said Leshchenko.

Thus, according to the portal «Popeci», the person with the same name, patronymic and surname, as in Bogdan, in the Verkhovna Rada of the VI convocation worked as the assistant of the future Deputy head of the presidential Administration on legal questions Andrey Portnov.

We will remind, on January 23, Korban was released from the post of Chairman of the political Council of the party «DILL». His place was temporarily occupied by Denis Borisenko. Some media reported that such changes in the party were initiated by Kolomoisky.

The lawyer Korban said that Kolomoisky is not able to release his partner, and commented on attempts at their exclusion from the list of the PPB 02.02.2016

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