The law on charity.

The Verkhovna Rada cancelled obligatory state pension insurance for the service by sending charity text messages. On Thursday, 6 October 2016, for the adoption of draft law №2297 299 MPs voted for the minimum required 226, transmit
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Charity by text message is the message sent to the number specified by the telecommunications operator to collect money for charity.

The charity received message telecommunications operator is obliged to transfer funds to the appropriate recipient for charitable purposes in the amount specified in the public contract.

For sending the charity a message from the caller will be charged at no higher than the cost of such services.

The bill specifies that the operations of the telecommunications operator in the transfer of funds to charity by text message is not considered to be financial.

As explained, «Ukrainian philanthropists forum», the laws need to charities have lost the practice of collecting donations for private banking card and philanthropists realized that the listing on the private card, they give rise to opacity.

In the Ukrainian legislation prior to the adoption of this law there was no concept of charity for FREE, they are taxed at the level of commercial services.

As reported, in September, the SBU opened criminal proceedings on the possible embezzlement of Fund Kateryna Yushchenko , Ukraine 3000, the funds collected for the construction of the controversial «Children’s hospital of the future» (DBB). The money was going to, among other things, and with the help of SMS messages.

The law on charity. 06.10.2016

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