The largest recorded over the past year the attacks of the Ukrainian positions — Turchynov

For the last day, February 2, 2017, was recorded the highest for the last year (from February 2016) the intensity of firing on Ukrainian positions by Russian-terrorist troops, said the NSDC Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov in his commentary, published on the official website of the Council on Friday, February 3.

According to him, only for the last day the ATO positions were issued more than 2 million shells and mines, three soldiers were killed and 16 were injured. In addition, killing the driver of the car SSES, wounded chief, state fire and rescue squad of the Town and photographer from the UK.

«War criminals, who directly supported and guided from the Kremlin, were aimed fire on civilian targets, including in the centre of the Town: the tent city where one is constantly eating and basking residents of the city, the school, where there is a collection point of humanitarian aid and the like», — said Turchinov, adding that the shelling was again povrezhdena communications and infrastructure of the city.

NSDC Secretary recalled that in Avdeevka damaged 76 houses (69 of them are private and 7 multi-family). Also fighters fired at civilian targets in Marinka, Krasnogorovka, Galitsinovke, Sartans and other localities. In Maryinsky district damaged 11 homes in the Marinka school №1.

According to Turchynov, the militants defiantly use heavy 152-mm artillery, 120 mm mortars, tanks and «actively using reactive systems of volley fire».

«Ukrainian intelligence recorded increase in the number of military equipment (tanks, self-propelled guns, MLRS), ammunition, weapons and Russian troops entering the occupied territory of Donbass through the uncontrolled border areas,» he said, adding that this indicates the intention of a further escalation of hostilities in the East of Ukraine from the Russian leadership.

«This escalation «coincided» with the deceitful and aggressive statements of Putin about the events in the Donbass, which is another proof of who is directly responsible for the bloody crimes and attempt, drawing a line through the Minsk agreement, go to a full — scale military actions,» he added.

According to Turchynov, Ukraine is ready to give international observers and the international community «all the necessary evidence of aggressive actions and war crimes by Russian troops against the Ukrainian people».

1 Feb Turchinov on behalf of the President of Petro Poroshenko was neither the scene of active combat operations in the vicinity of the Town, where he declared the need «to be ready to respond to any provocation along the line of contact.»

As noted on 3 February, the press Secretary of the Ministry of defence on ATO Alexander Motuzyanik, the aggravation level 2014 observed at Mariupol direction.

The largest recorded over the past year the attacks of the Ukrainian positions — Turchynov 03.02.2017

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