The Kurds launched an attack on the «capital» of Raqqa Syrian jihadists

Kurdish fighters report that in collaboration with the Arab opposition groups of Syria launched an attack on so-called capital of the «Islamic state city of raqqa.

On Tuesday 24 may, informs «BBC Ukraine».

«The Alliance of Democratic forces of Syria in which there are 30 thousand soldiers, had already begun shelling the suburbs of Raqqa», — stated in the message.

The representative of the Alliance said that the coalition forces under US leadership will support the offensive with air strikes.

On Saturday 21 may it became known that the head of the Central command of the armed forces of the United States on the Middle East Joseph Votel secretly visited Syria.

As reported by the special envoy of the us President in the anti-terrorist coalition Brett Mcguirk, General Votel discussed with representatives of the Kurdish militants and other Syrian opposition the preparation of the offensive on Raqqa.

The week before, on may 14, the official representative of the US coalition against the «ISIL» Stephen Warren reported that the terrorist organization «Islamic state» has declared a state of emergency in anticipation of the siege in the city of raqqa in Northern Syria (ISIS militants have proclaimed the city the capital of the so-called «Caliphate»). According to the coalition, «LIH» programmirovanie forces around the city and inside it and is trying to strengthen its important objects to protect potential targets of air strikes and a ground attack.»

The Kurds launched an attack on the «capital» of Raqqa Syrian jihadists 24.05.2016

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