The Kurds began a new offensive in Raqqa

Kurdish troops, backed by the US, began in the North of Syria in a new offensive to recapture the towns and villages around the city of raqqa, controlled by ISIS. This is stated in the statement «the Democratic forces of Syria,» reports The Associated Press.

According to the press Secretary of the «Democratic forces of Syria,» this is the third phase of the operation to capture Raqqa, which began in November.

The goal is to isolate Raqqa from the rest of the site before starting the assault of the city.

It is reported that the announcement came a day after the international coalition aircraft destroyed two bridges on the southern outskirts of Raqqa, which is the «capital» of the self-proclaimed Caliphate.

The Kurds began a new offensive in Raqqa 05.02.2017

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