The Kurds and the opposition supported the truce in Syria

Kurdish people’s defence units expressed support agreed upon by the U.S. and Russia of the ceasefire in Syria, Reuters reports the statement «the Forces of democratic Syria,» common channel Al-Mayadeen. Later the TV channel Al-Arabiya reported that the main Syrian opposition organization — the Higher Committee on negotiations — also supported the truce for two weeks, writes

On the eve of the main opponent of the Kurds, Turkish President Erdogan has called the proposed truce unfair and does not take into account the interests of Ankara.

The formation of the «Forces of democratic Syria», the backbone of whom are Kurdish militias, announced the agreement «to cease hostilities in accordance with the Russian-American agreement», quoted by TASS.

In a statement, the Syrian opposition said: «the Higher Committee on negotiations believes that the preliminary cease-fire lasting two weeks will give the opportunity to the other party to confirm the seriousness of its commitments», quoted by RIA «Novosti».

UN aviation rules the first batch of humanitarian aid to the Syrian city of Deir ez-Zor. It is reported by Ukrainian Pravda with reference to Reuters.

Head of fundraising at the UN Stephen O’brien said that the plane was delivered to residents 21 tons of humanitarian aid. He noted that according to preliminary data, all dropped humanitarian aid arrived in the area in which the aircraft was aiming for.

Nevertheless, the press-Secretary of the UN Stefan Dujarric later reported that the plane, world food programme, which carried out the delivery of aid, has not yet received complete information about her delivery, and this may mean that not all the goods have reached your destination.

The presidents of Russia and the USA adopted a statement on truce in Syria. According to this plan, the parties announced the establishment of the truce on February 27. All warring parties must respect specified in the application conditions. Russia and the USA undertake to influence similar political forces in Syria to reach a truce. The proposal for the ceasefire does not apply to groups deemed terrorist by the UN, such as the «Islamic state» or «Dzhabhat EN-Nusra». The attacks on him will continue.

Putin said that the ceasefire, Russia will carry out necessary work with Damascus. On the eve of Syrian President Bashar Assad in a telephone conversation promised to promote the ceasefire.

In American media there is evidence that U.S. in the event of failure of the truce are preparing a «plan B», which involves the division of Syria into several States.

The Kurds and the opposition supported the truce in Syria 25.02.2016

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