The Kremlin wants to control the Internet traffic of the Russians

The Ministry developed a draft law on state control over the passage of Internet traffic in Russia. Write about this «Vedomosti».

The bill implements the instructions of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin following the meeting of the security Council, held in the fall of 2014. The Council discussed the results of the exercises to the stability of the Internet and the issues of Autonomous work: it was about minimizing the risks of the Runet in case of temporary disconnection from the outside world during emergencies.

Therefore, the bill of the Ministry of communications described several ways that will help public authorities to monitor the routes of Internet traffic over communication networks.
«First, the Ministry proposes to establish a state system of monitoring of resource use global addressing and global identifiers of the Internet (DNS and IP addresses). This system should also monitor the critical infrastructure of the Russian Internet. It will create a registry of addresses you’ll ever need. The bill also proposes to make foreign communication channels and points of traffic exchange is more controlled», — stated in the message.

To organize international channels of communication can only operators are licensed for cross-border transmission of data. The source explained that now in Russia is difficult to count the number of communication channels that cross the border, and among them are the gray channels, not taken into account by relevant departments.

We will note, the Russian President believes that the Internet emerged and developed as a CIA project. He stated this on April 24 at a meeting of the media Forum in St. Petersburg, adding that Russia should host the servers of large national Internet resources and to protect stored information, as well as by the example of China to create domestic search engines and social networks.

The Russian specialists have created a program to track the protests through the social networks.

In September 2014, the security Council of Russia plans to consider the possibility of Internet disconnection in emergencies.

The Kremlin wants to control the Internet traffic of the Russians 11.02.2016

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